7 Things You Should NEVER Feel {BAD} About!

December 20, 2021
I’m tired of feeling bad, especially for things I shouldn’t. Life is hard, but what makes it harder is allowing other people’s opinions to affect the way that you feel about yourself. What got me thinking about this is when I was telling someone about my new house that I am building, and they started questioning me.

They were questioning my decisions and expenses, and they were trying to make me feel guilty about doing something I am very excited about. I started to think about why I am letting this person’s opinion affect how I feel about myself, which led me down this rabbit hold of other things in my life where I have allowed people’s opinions to affect my self-esteem and how I feel about myself.

Never apologize for these …

  1. Outgrowing people — whether family, friends, or significant others, you should never feel bad about wanting more for yourself or for striving for better.
  2. Being successful — my whole life I have busted my nuts, trying to make something of myself. And then I wonder what people think of my success after I grew up poor and on welfare. I start questioning rather than being proud.
  3. Protecting yourself — I learned this the hard way two times: once with my identity being stolen and once when my bank account was hacked. I am now shielded by a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  4. Looking good — there is nothing wrong with wanting to look amazing and attractive. Don’t worry about what your friends, family, or co-workers might say if you want to dress nice or eat healthfully.
  5. Abstaining from drinking & drugs — if you hang-out with people who drink & use drugs, they can feel incredibly insecure and weird if you’re hanging out with them sober.
  6. Loving who you love — never feel bad for who you love.
  7. Being selfish with your time, energy, or emotions — we all have limited bandwidths, so be concerned over what you can control and don’t worry about how other people want you to feel.

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