10 Items EVERY Adult Man Needs in His House

March 5, 2024
Today, I will review what every man should have in his home or apartment. These are a direct reflection of him. These are little things you can do to upgrade your home from a little boy to a grown-ass sexy dude.

What separates a grown man from a little boy

  1. Art. What you have hanging on your wall separates men from the boys. If you have nothing on your walls, that’s boring and basic and doesn’t show personality. But posters and cheap ugly stuff on the walls also make a lousy impression and look like a little kid. Invest in some higher-quality art. You don’t have to buy expensive original pieces, but you can find cool or different items that resonate with you. You can also elevate your space’s aesthetic with inexpensive blankets or some decorative pillows. These are a great way to affordably add another level and layer of complexity and detail to your place.
  2. Proper bed. A proper bed is not a futon. A proper bed has a matching bedspread or comforter and sheets. You can never go around with white, which is clean and sexy. Also, keep an eye on the thread count.
  3. Aesthetic bathroom. If guests are coming over, ensure your toilet is squeaky clean. Have some wet wipes available. Your towels should also be upgraded so they’re matched and nicer quality. Simple white is perfect. Your hair dryer and his breath should also be upgraded.
  4. Organization. Have a leather caddy to drop items you use daily, such as your keys, wallet, watch, cufflinks, and jewelry. You don’t want to throw them on top of a dresser or end table.
  5. Plants. Plants are an incredible way of adding freshness and greenery to your space. They also add a personality, indicating you are responsible and reliable.
  6. Candles. Candles add ambiance when you have company over. It sets the mood and also allows relaxation and decompression. They are warm and inviting.
  7. Speakers. Have the ability to produce background noise in your place. It also makes your place feel more high-end and luxurious. Having low-key background music when people come over makes your house less echoey and sets the mood.
  8. Glasses and plates. I’m a big fan of clean, basic white dishes. Have matching plates, cutlery, and glasses (that way, you can serve a cocktail or glass of wine inside real glasses, not Solo cups). Know the difference between white and red wine glasses. You could also invest in some highball glasses for serving cocktails, which would set you apart from 99% of little boys.
  9. Rugs. Rugs come in all different sizes, and the cool thing is that even if you have carpet, throwing a small rug on top of it is a great way to add texture and interest to your room. You can also add a pop of color.
  10. Sofa or couch. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be clean. A decent couch is always a good idea because it’s comfortable and a cool place to chill daily. You can work from it, watch TV, make out, and get sexy. Make sure it’s not nasty, dirty, or filthy. If you have animals, make sure it repels moisture.

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