10 Tricks to Be a “HOT” Guy… Even if You’re NOT!

March 29, 2023
What if I told you that some simple, quick, and easy things would automatically boost your sexiness? Are you interested? Yes? Good, because today I am going over some simple (and secret) things that will instantly take your sexiness beyond 10!

Skyrocket your sexiness simply & swiftly with these tips

  • Walk better. 99% of dudes walk weakly with their heads down, shuffling and not looking others in the eye. Stop burying your head into your phone by putting it away when walking anywhere. Walk confidently with your chest up, shoulders back, and head up. Add a smirk to your face, and you will look even more self-assured.
  • Dress one level up — dress one level above what is expected, whether work, dating, or casual Saturday. Dress better than the average, and you will be perceived as sexier.
  • Initiate conversation — people who try to engage are viewed as more attractive and go deep instead of wide with what you’re talking about by giving a bit more of yourself rather than surface-level conversation. You will make deep connections, and you will be much more interesting.
  • Expand your knowledge base — you will be more interesting!
  • Give compliments — complimenting people is a secret social weapon because it’s impossible not to like someone who compliments you. Practice on five random people a day. Compliment shoes, watches, rings, hair, fragrances, and more. Let Pete & Pedro EDP fragrances get you more compliments.
  • Smell better than other dudes — this includes your balls, signature scent, and more. With colognes, don’t overdo it (3 quick squirts are all you need) and apply to pulse points (skip your wrists). To let your fragrance last longer, moisturize with Vaseline or Aquaphor on your pulse points before applying fragrance.
  • Slow down your speaking cadence — when slowing your speaking down, you will not sound as high or fast. You will be perceived as more attractive at your lower tone/register (but don’t fake it).
  • Show more skin — unbutton three buttons and expose a little man-cleavage, for example. Also, expose your forearms but not with a sloppy sleeve roll (check out my demonstration).
  • Grow a beard — facial hair will automatically make your face look better due to facial definition, strengthening of the jaw, and balancing the face. 10-day stubble is the most attractive stubble (5 mm).
  • Whiten your teeth — you can use strips from the grocery store or Target that take 20 minutes.
  • Smile at people — don’t use a huge weird smile. Instead, smirk with a twinkle in your eye. Add a bit of teeth exposure, and you will look a bit mysterious.

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Okay, guys– it’s undeniable that fluffy hair is taking over the scene these days, and it’s totally understandable why. That epic bro flow is incredible, if you can pull it off of course. So, if you’re ready to amp up your style with some extra fluff here’s your complete guide to achieving that enviable fluffy look.

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