12 stupidly simple ways to be more confident in ANY situation

February 21, 2024
Today, I am talking about confidence, but more specifically, simple and small things you can do to make you feel and look more confident instantly. Confidence changes your life, so all the tips and tricks will directly impact how you feel about yourself in a positive way.
  1. Give compliments. Complimenting people will make them feel great about themselves and have them look at you as more attractive and confident. Insecure or arrogant people do not compliment others because they are too busy trying to get attention for themselves.
  2. Grow a beard. You will look sexier and feel more confident. It will help strengthen a jawline, and spicy senoritas are drawn to men with beards.
  3. Stand up straight. Walk like you mean it. Non-verbal communication changes you from the outside in. Seeing somebody walking confidently automatically sends a message that they are not someone to mess with.
  4. Make eye contact. Eye contact will instantly make you look more confident and feel more powerful. If you are not afraid to look somebody in the eye, it sends the message that you are confident. Combined with a smile and a firm handshake, you are the man to be taken seriously.
  5. Smile. Get into the habit of smiling at other people to look friendlier, more engaging, and more confident.
  6. Dress better. People notice when you are dressing one level above everyone else. You will appear more attractive and more confident. Pay attention to your style because it’s critical. Dress with intention and purpose.
  7. Maintain grooming. You automatically transcend to the lurking inner beast if you have a white smile, well-maintained facial hair, and clean & neat eyebrows. 
  8. Fix hair loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss, that can be a confidence killer. If so, do something about it by visiting Bosley, the hair doctor. Get two months free at BosleyRX by getting started now. Use coupon code ALPHAM to claim this exclusive offer on any solution. If you are unsure which solution is right for you, grab ‘The Complete Guide to Hair Restoration’ + a $250* off Gift Card for free, or schedule a free consultation with a hair restoration specialist.
  9. Develop financial success. Set a budget. Know how much money is coming in and going out, and fix imbalances. Don’t buy crap, and make sure you’re not impulse buying. Develop financial freedom by pushing down the urge to buy something immediately.
  10. Wear boots. Boots make you taller, and they’re stylish. You can also wear a higher hairstyle to make you look taller.
  11. Wear clothing that fits. Clothing that fits your body will make you look visually taller. Dark colors will make you look thinner and more muscular.
  12. Take care of your temple. Engage in a good diet and fitness. Working out and caring for your body will make you feel amazing and more confident. Better diet decisions will also make you look better naked, automatically making you feel more confident.

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