7 {Mind Games} to Make a Girl to BEG for Your Attention!

July 30, 2021
SHE should be the one begging for attention from YOU. Don’t be a needy person because you are an amazing guy! If you want a woman to beg for your attention, you have to be your own man. You can’t be up her ass all the time, and you have to have friends, hobbies, and interests that don’t involve her. If you implement the following tips, she’s not only going to be desperate for your attention, but she’ll also be begging for you to choose her.

She’ll be desperate for your attention when you…

  1. Don’t respond quickly to her texts — wait for at least 5-minutes. By delaying your response, you get her thinking why.
  2. Don’t always initiate the text — don’t always be the one reaching out. Allow her time to miss you and wonder what you’re doing.
  3. Send her pictures of you having fun — the fear of missing out is a real thing, whether it’s going to a restaurant, game, bar, or wherever. With the picture, ask if she’s ever been there or state that she’d really like this place. It starts the conversation and gets her thinking how fun you are.
  4. Take care of yourself — workout, eat right, and take care of your grooming. Then, when she texts, don’t respond right away. Later, let her know that you’re sorry that you missed her text but you were working out. Another way to take care of yourself is through skincare. Try Tiege Hanley’s uncomplicated skin care https://tiege.com/bodywashfree
  5. Be successful at something — let your hobbies, passions and goals be known, and with that thread, let her know that you are choosing to talk to her and spend time with her. Keep in mind, regarding your success, you don’t need to be crushing it or driving a lambo; but, if you are pursuing your own objectives, it’s crazy sexy and attractive. If you have purpose or passion, you will be next level desirable.
  6. Don’t set-up the 2nd date right away — setting up the 2nd date immediately after the 1st kills the anticipation and desire.
  7. Don’t hit it on the 1st date — don’t be too aggressive or eager. Take things slow. You want the real truth if she will sleep with you, and if they’re someone that will sleep with you on the 1st date, she’s not someone you want to be with long-term. It’s critical that you’re with someone that makes you feel good about yourself.  Also by slowing down, she realizes that you are a different kind of guy and wondering why you don’t want to hump her leg.

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