7 WORST Beard Mistakes Men Make! {And How to Fix Them}

June 16, 2021
Beards make you sexy — but they can make you ‘unsexy’ if you make these mistakes. There’s a razor-thin line between being a sexy machine and a weirdo. First, I’m going over mistakes. Then, I’m going over a few tricks to make your facial hair grow quicker and thicker. But don’t compare your facial hair to anyone else — rock what you’ve got!

Beard Mistakes

  • Ignoring natural growth patterns — if your beard is too thin and carved out, it will look bad. Have your beard grow in, and then clean up the edges. I describe and demonstrate how to determine your cheek boundary.
  • Shaving under jaw meat — You don’t want to see the meat under your chin. I describe and demonstrate how to shave the chin and under chin area.
  • Having a poor sideburn transition — a hard line between the beard and sideburns looks terrible. It’s all about fading and blending.  I use the 6 mm guard and do the micro-adjustments all the way up. Roll at your sideburns. Let me show you the Alpha M. 10-day Designer Stubble!
  • Experiencing chin flakes — beard dandruff is a thing, so it’s critical to moisturize the skin under the hair. I use Tiege Hanley for my skin.
  • Having a scratchy beard — I use beard oil to make my beard hair softer. If your beard is longer, go with a beard balm (it’s a moisturizing + styling aid for facial hair). Emulsify and then run it through your beard.
  • Giving up on facial hair redemption too soon — let your facial hair grow for 4-weeks to see what happens. Allow it to get long enough to cover patchy areas.
  • Not brushing your beard — everyone should brush their beard on a daily basis. Brushing trains the hair to lay in the direction you want, which you can make your beard appear thicker and cover patchy spots. Brushing also stimulates blood flow to the surface, promoting hair growth. If your beard is patchy and thin after 4 weeks, trim it short.

Tricks to make your facial hair grow thicker faster

  • Workout with weights — your body will release more testosterone, which will help hair to grow and grow faster.
  • Brush your beard daily — or twice a day to stimulate blood flow, which in turn stimulates growth.
  • Take biotin — hair vitamins stimulate beard growth.
  • Give your beard time — you may have to wait until you’re older to be less patchy.

Beard Must-Haves

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