8 Items That Make Men Look SKINNY {Even If They’re NOT}!

August 22, 2022
If you call a woman skinny, she will make out with you. But if you call a dude skinny, this is not ideal or sexy. The word ‘lean’ is possibly okay, but ‘skinny’ literally is a ‘beat your ass’ kind of word. The reality is a lot of guys spend a lot of money, energy, and working out only to look skinny because of style mistakes. If you’re ready to stop looking skinny, check out these tips.

Style MISTAKES that make skinny guys look SKINNIER!

  1. If you’re a thinner dude, never wear a monochromatic dark outfit. Go with a contrast instead with a lighter top and darker below.
  2. Skinny jeans, pants, and joggers that are too thin and tapered toward the ankle accentuate thinness. Go with more fabric, at least 1 inch on either side of your leg. Having pants taper too drastically down to the ankle is a mistake. Choose a straight-cut Chino or pant. It’s all about the visual line of your body.
  3. Pointy shoes that are over dramatic will draw the eye down, making you look longer and thinner.
  4. Shirts with patterns such as vertical stripes will draw the eye down, making you look thinner. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider but dorky. So go solid. With sleeve length, you don’t want it to be too long. Anything around your elbow will make your arms look super tiny.
  5. Wear a watch to break the visual length of your forearm, making your forearm up your wider. But, if you wear a super oversized watch, your arm will look smaller. Go with a size 38, 39, or 40 max.
  6. Boxers will make dudes look teeny-bitty weenie and dorky-skinny horrible. Boxers are big, baggy, and not sexy. Big Al and the Twins need support. Sheath underwear has a pouch that creates separation and makes Big Al look mas grande.
  7. Dressing up can make thin dudes look bad when they do it wrong. Make sure to wear the right size suit. A too-big suit in the shoulders will make you look super tiny. Size down. Also, oversized lapels are a mistake. If you’re skinny, opt for a neutral or modest lapel. But don’t go for a super thin lapel either because it will make you look even thinner. Also, no large collars. The collar should be tailored if it is too big.
  8. Oversized tee shirts make skinny guys look super tiny. But skinny guys also don’t want to wear something too tight like Under Armor. A shallow v-neck will make you look wider, but a crew neck is better. A deep v-neck is absolutely not. Also, a scoop neck is going to make you look smaller.
  9. Big baggy shorts that are wide will make your legs, ankles, and calves look super skinny. Also, shorts that hit your knee (or longer) are a mistake. Get those shorts off your knee and ensure they’re fitted but not too tight. You don’t want bike shorts that make slim legs look even thinner.

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