8,000 Women Said {THIS} Is What They Actually WANT Men to Do!

October 19, 2022
I am with Marni from Wing Girl Method. We’ve been filming a series together, Chick Magnet, which has been incredible. The transformations are hot! While I have her here in the studio, I want to take advantage of her knowledge and perspective by having her answer some questions I am not exactly qualified to answer.

Don’t miss Chick Magnet, where Marni and I take dudes who are a bit down on their luck and turn them around. I handle the style and grooming department; Marni handles the confidence and dating department. He’s then sent out on a super hot date to practice what he learns. The sexy senoritas don’t hesitate to give their feedback!

Racy Questions the Wing Girl Answers

  1. How important is manscaping to women? No jungles! Clean them up!
  2. What do women think of musky nuts? You must shower ahead of time! Also, the balls need to be powdered with a non-talc-based powder.
  3. What is the biggest mistake men make when going downtown? Men think that when they go downtown that she is already fully aroused. Take your time and go slow! Women are not as fast as men; they need more build-up.
  4. Is porn a good idea when it comes to understanding women sexually? Do not watch porn if you want to learn how to have sex in real life. The way porn is done can actually hurt women, and women don’t want what you see in porn. However, if women watch porn, they lean toward lesbian porn because it’s more in sync with how women want to have sex.  If you want to know what women want in the bedroom, read erotic fiction. It’s all about the mind and dominance.
  5. How should a man spice it up with his significant other? Talk to your partner about her fantasy and what she’d like to try if you have open communication. Also, ask her what she wishes you were doing. You don’t have to try it then and there, but try to fit it in the next 1 to 3 weeks. If you don’t want to have this conversation but want to keep her on her toes, read an erotic fiction book or watch ethical/lesbian porn. Also, covertly watch her when watching sexy scenes in movies and TV shows to see what she likes or responds to.
  6. How do you talk about how many partners you’ve each had (aka body count)? And do you think there’s a double standard? Marnie thinks there is a double standard regarding people’s perspectives regarding how many people women have slept with versus men. Discuss body count honestly and tactfully if/when it gets brought up. Don’t be too revealing, either. Whatever your answer, always point it back to her.
  7. How does a guy become better in bed? By educating himself and then practicing. He will ultimately become more confident and better.

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