9 Habits That Make People {Secretly} DISLIKE You!

July 26, 2021
The inspiration for this video is a ‘friend’ of mine who is always preaching about how he’s an amazing dude and dictating how everyone else should be. That being said, I am blowing zero smoke up your butt today, because you may be doing things like this ‘friend’ of mine that make people secretly dislike you. You’re an amazing person, so if you are doing any of these, you need to knock it off. 

If you’re doing these things, people might not say anything to your face. But inside they may not like or respect you, and that’s unfortunate. Life is a lot easier if people expressed what they’re thinking to your face so you would be aware and could change it. But unfortunately, a lot of these things go under the radar, and we keep doing them. To make matters worse, you think this guy is your friend, but behind the scenes, he’s actually not your boy. He’s an ass.

If you’re doing any of these, KNOCK IT OFF

  1. You are preachy — being preachy is annoying and obnoxious. People know you’re judging them. Having a mission and passion is cool, but being preachy is uncomfortable to be around. Keep in mind that those who preach the most are typically the ones who have the most skeletons in their closet.
  2. You are a mooch (asking and not giving back) — do not expect others to pay your way. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it.
  3. You’re a mama’s boy — your mother has to approve of things, and you’ve never officially grown-up.
  4. You’re always talking about sex — you’re like a full-fledged perv. Everything that comes out of your mouth is sexually related or has a sexual context.
  5. You are a downer — you live in the past, whine, and complain. Bad things happens to us all, and sometimes we are collateral damage in other people’s issues. Get help to get over your past.
  6. You are clingy and needy — get your insecurities under control.
  7. You’re always bragging about how amazing you are — whether money, how you’re killing it, or how much you’re grinding it.
  8. You act like a victim and are always pissed off — you blame others for what’s wrong with you and your life. This is one of the most toxic behaviors. Also, you’re always irate and wanting to cancel people. There’s no time for this cancel culture or worrying about what everyone else is doing. Stay in your lane.
  9. You don’t keep your word and you tell lies– you can’t be relied upon. This loss of trust is difficult, if not impossible, to get back. Also, you are a liar and a cheater — don’t even tell little white lies, embellish, or make yourself look bigger / better because it will come back and bite you in the ass. You will look weak, insecure, and facilitate being connected to others.

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