The #1 Workout That BLEW UP My Arms {in 30 Days}

May 26, 2024
In the last 30 days, I added over a half inch to my arms. I will show you what I changed to grow my arms and push past my genetic potential. I’ve been working out for so long, and it took a true shift in my technique to push past that potential. You don’t need to go super heavy. It’s all about form and the negative. Slow down, and you will get your guns to grow.

Four exercises, two biceps + two triceps, are included to maximize the size of your guns. The triceps are where the arm’s true size comes from because the triceps make up 2/3 of the size of your arm. I do this workout twice weekly, leaving enough time between so I’m not sore. It’s been a game-changer the last month, and my arms have finally been forced to grow.

  • Straight barbell curl. You can use an easy curl or straight bar. I like the straight wire because it keeps your hands open and puts the biggest strain on your biceps. Check out my demonstration of how to perform it. Focus on the negative and do this until failure. This should happen around 8 to 10 repetitions. If you’re getting to 12 and it’s not super hard or burning, you need to increase the weight. Repeat for four sets, with a 60-second rest between each.
  • Dumbbells superset. Start with your hands at your sides and come up. Twist and pause. Then, come down nice and slow with a rotation. Check out my demonstration. Again, do this till failure. Then, bang out hammer curls without pause, getting as many as possible. Repeat for four sets.
  • Triceps push-downs. Lean over so that the tension is already on. Then press down and hold it. Once again, it’s about the negative. Take about 5 seconds to come up, back down, and pause. This causes the tension to stay on that muscle where the magic happens. You’re activating all sorts of muscle fibers, and they will grow. Go for about 12-15 slowly. Then, hold the balls together and step back slightly. Still leaning over, push down for another 10 reps. That set number one. Complete four sets.
  • Triceps push-outs. Take one big step and then press out, pause, and count to five going back. Repeat for 12 to 15 reps. It’s all about the negative again. When you can’t do anymore, flip around and bang out 15 to 20 reps of push-downs. Hold hands together, bend over, and push down. Go for four sets total.

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