June 13, 2024
I’m building my dream house, and with a dream house, I’m building my dream gym. If you recall, I brought you along when I built my first gym with a treadmill, dumbbells, and other equipment. Now, I will bring you along to show you what I’m doing with my new gym.

My new gym is four times the size of my old gym. I need more equipment, so I’m heading back to Fitness Equipment. All the equipment that I like at the gym I want to have at my home. My current gym at home is great and serves a purpose, but there’s not enough room for some of the equipment that I genuinely need including:

Power rack

Leg extension/hamstring curl

Leg press

Rack of fixed barbells


I’m about three months from finishing the house. The next time you see the equipment, you’ll have the whole tour of the new house and the dream gym.

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