I SHOCKED My Wife By Shaving Off My Beard After 30 Years {Did NOT Go Well}

August 31, 2023
Have you ever woken up and thought it’s time for a change? Well, I have. I have had this facial hair for the last 30 years, and my wife has never known me not to have a beard. So, I thought I’d do something different in honor of the new Alpha M Grooming Kit that Brio just launched.

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Going … going … gone!

I will shave my beard for the first time in 30 years. I’m nervous! And I’m also worried about what my wife is going to say. I’ll show you her reaction at the end of the video.

I’m going to be using my Brio to take the length down. It’s literally the best tool on the market. I have the regular attachments, and the micro-adjustments are all the way up. I start by trimming my sideburns at a slight angle, which helps to frame my face. A small angle helps to draw the eye down and strengthen his jaw. I take it to a goatee, then leave the stash for a second. I also carve out my soul patch.

The big reveal

So now, how much younger do I look without any facial hair? I think I look about five years younger. Now for the big reveal. What does my wife think?

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