I Tested WEIRD YouTube Grooming Hacks… So You Don’t Have To!

January 20, 2023
A crap ton of grooming hacks are out there, from me to Jose to every dude in the men’s lifestyle space. I am trying these, so you don’t have to. These tips are trying to help you to be more attractive, which some of them work while others suck huge hairy unmanscaped monster nuts. I’m going to review which ones are awesome and which ones suck.

Eliminating blackheads

Duct tape and Band-Aids. You take a piece of duct tape and leave it on your nose. When you pull it off, you should be able to remove blackheads. This one is absolutely not worth trying.

Scrubbing your nose with an old toothbrush. This is actually an effective way to exfoliate and remove blackheads.

Biore strips. This is the most amazing way to remove blackheads, and it’s super affordable. These things work the best, but you don’t want to use them every day or every week. Shoot for once a month, and then make sure your pores are as clean as possible.

Stopping facial oiliness

Toilet seat covers. These covers can remove oil, but so can paper towels, napkins, and tissues. Any paper product could blot and remove oil to reduce shininess.

Food products. I’ve tried oatmeal, eggs, and other potions, leaving them on my face for about 5 minutes. Supposedly when you remove them, your skin is brighter, and your pores are smaller, which should reduce the number of breakouts. The effort to make these is not worth the energy and mess. There are more effective options.

Clay masks. Teige Hanley has an incredible clay mask that extracts the impurities from your skin. You can use it once or twice a month. Ensure you’re also using skincare care, which Tiege Haley has all the basics and essentials in their Level 1 system. You can add eye cream for Level 2 and eye cream + the anti-aging super serum for Level 3.

Reducing eye puffiness and dark circles

Cold spoons. Frozen spoons work quickly to remove under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Wet two spoons and put them in your freezer. When frozen, hold them underneath your eyes until the spoons get warm. The cold will shrink the capillaries and blood vessels and remove some water retention underneath your eyes.

Tea bags. These work incredibly well to make your eyes look fresh and bright due to the caffeine constricting and tightening everything. This is why a lot of the under-eye gels work incredibly well. Tiege Hanley’s eye cream is a quality product every man should use daily. Make sure to pat it and not rub it under your eye. Add a dab of Vaseline afterward before bedtime.

Clearing pimples

Vaseline. Vaseline has many uses; one is to block in a moisturizer to allow moisturizers to penetrate deeper and work better. It’s called slugging, where you put your moisturizer on and then cover it with a thin layer of Vaseline before bed. It’s amazing! You can also use Vaseline on your lips before bed so you’ll never have chapped lips. Vaseline also works well to clear up acne. The light coat of Vaseline helps to clear breakouts and blemishes.

Dabbing toothpaste over pimples. This does work little as it dries out.

Visine over pimples. It constricts and reduces redness, but it may not necessarily do anything to get rid of pimples. The Visine will simply make the pimple appear smaller. The best bet for healthy skin is to eat healthily. What you consume has a direct impact on your skin and breakouts. Also, ensure you’re hydrated and not using products that will dry or strip your face. Use a quality product like Tiege Hanley’s acne system.

Whitening teeth

Baking soda. You can sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. It works, but you could also use something like Arm & Hammer’s Complete Care toothpaste, which works incredibly well.

Charcoal to whiten teeth. It doesn’t work well and is hard on enamel.

Bleaching strips. The gels and peroxides work 100% incredibly well. They are also super affordable and convenient. You can pop them in when you leave the house, talk with them, drive around, and then within 20 minutes, your teeth are noticeably whiter.

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