12 UGLY Accessories That KILL Your Style… INSTANTLY

April 3, 2024
Accessories can be a total game-changer for men. But on the flip side, accessories can also be a deal-breaker if the wrong accessories are worn. A lot of guys are close to knocking it out of the style part but are screwing the accessory pooch. I want to discuss some accessories that are killing men’s style.

Deal-breaker men’s accessories

  1. Baseball hats. They aren’t inherently bad, but some kill a man’s style. If the hat looks rough, if it’s not coordinated with your outfit, and if you wear it like a punk, you will kill your style.
  2. Earrings and rings. (a) Many people have a preconceived notion about t men who wear earrings. If you’re going to a job interview, getting a loan at the bank, or other important meetings, take them out. Also, a small subtle hoop is ideal, but you don’t want to go overboard. A simple stud is also great. Anytime you get big gauges, you look low-class and trashy. (b) Rings are amazing, but you should wear only one ring per hand maximum. If you go with a thumb ring, it’s a bit odd. An index finger makes you look a bit douchey. A pinky finger makes you look Italian. Multiple rings look a little low-class, in my opinion. Keep with a simple, clean, masculine ring.
  3. Headphones. They are a modern accessory that a lot of men are using. If you want to engage with people and want people to talk to you, wearing these eliminates that. Nobody will want to come up to you and talk to you if you’re using them. To look a little more aesthetic, go with a pair of earbuds. If you’re using earbuds, make sure they’re not filthy.
  4. Fragrance or cologne. Overpowering body spray, fragrance, or cologne is gross. If you’re using a body spray, upgrade to a proper fragrance. Fragrance is like an invisible accessory that can boost your confidence and get you compliments. It psychologically sends the message that you are sexy, and you will be perceived as more attractive when you smell amazing. However, if you’re wearing too much fragrance or it’s a cheap scent, your sexiness is reduced.
  5. Tech watches. They are functional, but they are not stylish. They’re not mature-looking either. You will not get compliments on a tech watch. It’s not sexy. Every adult man should own a proper watch, which will take you to the next level. I love my new watches from Aura.
  6. Sunglasses. These are potentially the greatest accessories out there. But they can make you look like a huge douche. Don’t ever wear them inside. Once you are three steps indoors, take them off. Also, if they’re big and oversized, you look slightly stupid. Choose one of the three classic styles: aviator, clubmaster, or wayfarer.  Proper sunglasses will help frame your face and make you look more dangerous, mysterious, and aesthetic. Wire frame glasses are also a no-go.
  7. Ties and belts. (a) Skinny ties are out of style, and funky or zany tires are unattractive. Do not opt for a pre-tied bow tie, either. You’ll look like a loser. Know how to tire bow tie. Prefolded pocket squares will make your jacket look crappy. Know how to fold a pocket square, such as a clean, classic fold. Crazy and puffy folds look stupid. Do not buy a pocket square and tie combo. (b) Do not wear beat-up leather belts. Also, do not wear a brown leather belt with black leather shoes. Further, your brown belt should match your brown shoes. Your leathers must match and coordinate, and your belt should not have a big ugly belt buckle.
  8. Phone. You can look trashy and low-class when you have zany cases or your screen is cracked and beat up. Yes, your phone is an accessory.
  9. Backpacks. I’m not a fan of the big, bulky little boy backpacks. Opt for either a simple, minimal option that’s more mature and clean or a simple, clean, minimal leather briefcase
  10. Necklaces and bracelets. Remember that less is more. Instead of wearing five necklaces, go with possibly two and something that is not big, like a medallion. The same goes for bracelets. Less is more. You look a bit foolish if you’re wearing a bunch of bracelets on both wrists. Wear simple and minimal bracelets, like nylon cord or beaded bracelets. A metal cuff is also amazing but shouldn’t be too big, ornate, bulky, or ostentatious.
  11. Piercings. Other than your ears, other piercings are not stylish. The more you jam through your body, the less people want to hire you. You are limiting your potential opportunities.
  12. Tattoos. Some guys look great with tattoos, like a sleeve or something sexy. But some tattoos will make you look like a huge toolbox. Never get a tattoo on your face or neck. Also, do not get tattoos on your hands because even though you may not care right now, you don’t know what you’re going to want or where you’ll be in a few years.

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