10 BEST Style Essentials UNDER $50 | Affordable Men’s Must Haves

September 3, 2021
If we had $50, how would Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style and I spend it? Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to look great! Here’s our list:

Aaron and Antonio’s Top Ten List

  1. White polo — it’s a perfect option for most men that works well with jeans, shorts, and chinos; dress up or down.
  2. Dark (or medium) wash non-distressed jeans — get a pair with some stretch in them from Gap and H&M.
  3. Lightweight v-neck sweater — gray matches pretty much anything, and it works in the fall & winter.
  4. Anson Belt — the Anson track system belt makes your outfit look amazing. It is clean, sexy, and versatile.
  5. A good fragrance — there are tons of great alternatives to expensive ones. You can try a fragrance subscription too.
  6. Timex weekender — it’s the most important accessory, which will automatically elevate you; you look reliable and responsible.
  7. Rings — consider a ring in silver which can be inexpensive. It gets you compliments and starts conversation.
  8. Lightweight jacket (bomber or denim) — you don’t have to go leather or suede. You can find stylish options on Amazon or H&M.
  9. Lightweight khaki shorts or pants — you can wear the shorts in spring, summer, and fall. Remember it’s all about fit. You can find great options at PacSun, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, H&M, and most department stores.
  10. Canvas kicks — you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can pick a retro-inspired canvas kick like Converse, Toms, or Vans which won’t break the bank.


BONUS — Simple lightweight white Henley — the long sleeve looks incredible with jeans, chino, or shorts. Most stores sell some type of Henley.





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Pete & Pedro knows choosing a men’s fragrance is no easy task. So many different factors must be considered, from scent type to season to occasion to strength and more. But don’t stress! Pete & Pedro has you covered. Simply answer a few short questions and discover the perfect men’s cologne to have you smelling your absolute best in any situation!  Find your signature scent by taking the Fragrance Quiz.

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