Alpha M. Project {A Men’s Makeover Series} | Dan “The Man” S6E3

December 24, 2021
In episode 3, Dan “The Man” is in the Alpha M. house. Dan has lost a lot of weight and wants to try new looks. He has gone from a depressed person to a happy person by watching the Alpha M. YouTube channel. He’s always been quiet and not so confident, but he’s gained self worth over time with the support of his wife. He got diagnosed with diabetes last year,  so he did a 180 and turned his life around. He’s no longer on shots or pills. He’s still a work in progress, but it’s a great story about how he had a wake-up call. Currently, he works at Planet Fitness after he lost his job during covid. The whole idea today is to give Dan a kick start and to get out of a rut.

What Dan Typically Wears

Dan is a big super hero guy, so the standard shirt he wears is tee shirts. His pants (all of them) have glue stains and are huge on him. The black sneakers are the only ones he owns. I love the watch and the glasses work. For his dress-up outfit, the pants have glue stains and are too big, the shirt is better than the previous tee shirt, and the shoes are the same black sneakers. The next outfit features a better fitting tee shirt, the same jeans, and the same shoes.

The Alpha M. Makeover

At Salon Posta, I explain to Stephen that Dan doesn’t have much of a hairstyle currently. The goal is a style with more texture to make his hair a bit thicker and tighten up the back & sides. For the facial hair, the sideburns were blended, and the rest was cleaned up.  I style Dan’s hair, and I think the result looks incredible.

Thereafter, we shop at Lenox Mall. He typically shops at WalMart, so the plan today is to get better fitting clothes that are casual but he can take his wife out to dinner. The first place we hit is the GAP to replace oversized, glue stained jeans. He looks taller and lighter with the better fitting pants. The next stop Johnston & Murphy to get some sexy Chelsea boots to wear with the sexy jeans, as well as a pair of  brown slip-on loafers and fashion sneakers. Shirts were next: flannel, button-ups, and more.

Back at the office, the outfits are put together with 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pants, tees, Henleys, flannel, button-ups, pull-over, jackets, high tops, loafers, black Chelseas, and 2 boots.

  • Outfit #1 — simple crew black tee, black nylon bomber, slim fit green jeans/chinos, high top sneakers
  • Outfit #2 — button-up blue shirt, jeans, brown loafers
  • Outfit #3 — black denim, black Chelsea boots, black Henley, brown corduroy trucker jacket

Dan had a hard time last year with being sick and not being able to keep a job because of covid. He turned things around by losing weight, and now he got an extra boost of confidence through the Alpha M. Project. Dan admits that he had no fashion sense, and that he now has some great wardrobe choices. He now feels ready to tackle the world.

As Seen in the Video

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