Alpha M. Project {A Men’s Makeover Series} | Jack S6E2

October 25, 2021
Living in Atlanta now, Jack came to the United States 20-years ago as a skinny kid that barely spoke English. He got picked on, but he started to change himself by working out. Later, Jack saw one of my videos, which reinforced his love of fitness. He says working out was the best decision of his life. Jack’s confidence has continued to increase, but his wardrobe remains filled with donated or very old items because he likes to save money.  He hopes he can take himself to the next level with my help.  I am so impressed and inspired by his story. I can’t even imagine how difficult his journey has been.

What Jack Typically Wears

It’s time to upgrade his style. Here’s what he brought as an example of what he typically wears: Outfit #1 is a pineapple tank top, shorts, flip flops, bracelet, and necklace. Outfit #2 is worn when he goes out with his wife and/or friends — retro-inspired tee, flannel, cargo joggers, and flip flops. Outfit #3 sabotages his ability to be amazing — it’s not a good fit, the black color is too harsh, and the shoes are not appropriate.

The Alpha M. Makeover

At Salon Posta, Stephen’s going to taper the lower back area and get the hair off of his face. His facial hair has to go, replaced with a more mature and sexier. Sea SALT Spray and Putty are used to style his new cut.

Jack doesn’t know what he likes in terms of style. So I start by looking for a minimal sneaker, and then we head to the GAP for comfortable and properly fitting jeans. We head to Untuckit for a button-up to solve the problems of a muscular man but find that our problem is not solved. We head to Express after — where he finds out he likes patterns. He also realizes he looks amazing in these clothes that fit properly — he’s now getting to ‘show off’ his body without ‘showing off’ his body.

Back at the studio, Jack shows off his new outfits and style. We absolutely crushed it, and since he’s close to my size, I can share some of mine with him. The ENEMY 01s look amazing on Jack, which looks great on almost every face shape. The ENEMY 04s look stunning on Jack as well. His fragrance game is upgraded with an entire set of Pete & Pedro fragrances (REBEL, HERO, KING, and Villain). As far as the clothes, his wardrobe is filled with various pairs of jeans and pants, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, a leather jacket, amazing shoes, and more.

  • Outfit #1 white Express polo, lightweight Banana Republic pants, white minimal leather sneaker
  • Outfit #2 patterned brown & black Express polo shirt, slim fit Express pant, Anson belt, Ferragamos
  • Outfit #3 biker jacket, v neck Banana Republic tee, gray stretch GAP, Chelsea boot

Jack talks about how he feels like a new man — he looks in the mirror and feels like he’s dreaming. Jack said he can dress nicely and appropriately without hiding all of his hard work. He said he’s a new person, and he’s going to throw out all of his old clothes when he gets home.

As Seen in the Video

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Salon Posta

ENEMY 01s 


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