12 Things Women ALWAYS Notice That Men NEVER Do

April 18, 2024
Men don’t notice certain attributes, but other attributes we never miss, like wedgie yoga pants or a dude’s new Lambo. For women, it’s the same sort of thing. You may be surprised that she notices some things we are totally oblivious to. The downside is some of these attributes could be turn-offs and deal breakers, so I’d like to review some that women notice. These are in no particular order.

Yes, she’s noticing this about you

  1. Hands. Women equate hand size with penis size. Small, thin, and girly hands are equated to a smaller weiner.
  2. Nails and cuticles. Men never think about their hands, but women do. If you want to get sexy and freaky with her, your hands need to be cleaned up. They should not be bitten, picked, jagged, or crusty. Have a manicure set on hand.
  3. Butt. She notices your butt, so pull your pants up. Make sure you’re wearing pants that fit. Do squats and lunges to build your booty.
  4. Forearms. Studies demonstrate that women are super turned on by men who roll up their sleeves and expose their forearms. Take it to the next level by removing the hair to look leaner and more vascular.
  5. Interactions. She’s watching how you interact with other men and treat people in general. She also notices how you treat your mother because she wants to know you’re a good guy. She will also notice how you talk about your ex-girlfriend. Instead of trashing and talking her down, just explain that it did not work out but that she’s a great girl. She was just not right for you. Being respectful will boost your status and make you more attractive.
  6. The Twins. She will notice if your balls stink. Powder your balls daily to make them smell fresh, not musky, nasty, and funky. You don’t want a hot, meaty mess down your pants. Friction, heat, darkness, and dampness cause all kinds of bacteria to form. Make sure you use a non-talc-based powder.
  7. Breath. She notices how your breath smells and your whole oral hygiene game. If your breath is funky, it’s game over. Make sure your breath is fresh, and your teeth are white. You cannot have fuzzy and discolored teeth. She will not want to make out with you or stick her tongue in your mouth.
  8. Toilet. When she comes over, she will notice how clean your toilet and bathroom are. She will not relax if your bathroom looks splattered, spilled, blasted, and funky.
  9. Car. She will notice what you drive, but it won’t matter if it’s clean inside and out. Keeping it clean shows respect for her and yourself. Also, make sure you’re a gentleman by opening and shutting her car door carefully.
  10. Style. She notices your style and how you carry yourself. Ensure you confidently carry yourself and wear clothing with purpose and coordination. Make sure it’s pressed, too.
  11. Grooming. She does not notice your only hands and breath but your total package, including your hair, eyebrows, and nose hair. Invest in a nose and ear hair trimmer.
  12. Shoes. She will notice how clean your shoes are. Remember that shoes make her break an outfit, so you could be wearing a sexy outfit that looks amazing, but if your shoes are dorky or dirty, the look will suck.

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