11 AWKWARD Guy Problems ALL Men Deal With (& How to FIX Them)

April 7, 2022
Being a dude is pretty awesome for many, many reasons. But what is not so incredible are the guy problems that we, as macho studly stallions of studliness, face regularly. Here are some of the awkward issues most of us dudes face and their fixes.

Embarrassing men’s issues + how to stop each

  1. Excessive underarm sweating or wetness – antiperspirant deodorant is the first fix, which you need to apply at night before going to bed. Applying it after a hot shower, when your body temperature is up, won’t block the sweat glands. You can also use a Thompson Tee, an undershirt that stops wetness from coming through.
  2. Man boobs – often it’s a hormonal imbalance where a bit more breast tissue develops behind the nipples. Gyno is a medical condition that can be treated. The other cause of man boobs is fat; surgeries are available to help remove some of the excess breast tissue. You can try using a super tight wife-beater tee shirt to help compress the tissue. Another tip is to wear dark colors—also, layer with a light cardigan or jacket.
  3. Dribbling – I have come to realize that if I go commando, it will happen pretty much 100% of the time (and always at the worst time possible). You need to get completely done before putting the horse back in the stable. Blot and tap it with a little tissue. If you’re wearing underwear, you can tap it there.
  4. Adjusting – If you have to adjust in public, check out my demonstration.
  5. Jock Itch – jock itch is a fungus that will cause you to itch and stink. Make sure to use some talc-free powder.
  6. Swamp Ass – a hot and sweaty streak can result in your crack unless you hit it with a little bit of talc-free powder. Use the powder every day to stay dry, fresh, friction-free, and stink-free.
  7. Funky Feet – your toenails should not be big and crusty, as this is game over & a deal-breaker for women. Every man should have a clippers set and manicure kit in his grooming arsenal. Also, use a foot file in the shower just before getting out to have smooth feet.
  8. Thin Hair – whether you have fine, thin hair or are starting to lose your hair, check out Bosley solutions and products. You can also use volumizing shampoos that have biotin and rice protein. These thicken and strengthen their hair shaft. Also, check out Sea SALT Spray as a pre-styler to add texture and volume. Texture cream also will add volume and texture to thin or fine hair.
  9. Not Lasting in the Bedroom – if you finish too quickly in the bedroom department, use Roman swipes with benzocaine. Keep them in your pocket, and visit the bathroom quickly to wipe on.
  10. Bad Breath – make sure your breath does not smell disgusting by having good oral care. Go to the dentist every six months, brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash to kill bacteria in germs. Also, stay hydrated. If you suffer from dry mouth, use a mouthwash specifically for creating moisture in your mouth.
  11. Excessive Gas – if you’re somebody who suffers from excessive gas, whether belching or farting, it’s a sign that your gut health is out of whack—using DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic with a prebiotic and probiotic to straighten your gut. Bloating can make you feel uncomfortable. Look to your diet and gut health.

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