September 30, 2021
If you are ready to look super sexy the next time you’re on a date, check out these badass date outfits that look amazing on everyone. It’s all about badass outfit inspiration today, which will help you look like a super badass next time you’re out with someone new, someone you’ve been dating, or someone you’ve been with a long time.  The truth is: you should never stop trying! Use these outfits as an inspiration that you can copy exactly or modify to fit you and your personal takes.

Inspirations for what to wear on day and night dates

Casual running around day date
  • Women’s athleisure wear is more noticeable these days; likewise, men can look put together while being active too.
  • Black joggers + black athletic shoes + lightweight nylon bomber + slim fit hoodie with no front pouch


The Bad Boy
  • Clean & simple but an incredible way to be casual & cool without going over the top.
  • Hoodie + leather bomber jacket + gray or blue jeans + Chelsea boots


Double denim
  • Rock denim together but don’t try to match or coordinate a blue denim jacket with blue jeans.
  • Denim jacket + gray or black pants + boots + white tee shirt with no pocket & curved hem


Clean & simple
  • I’ve been rocking this outfit for years, and it still works.
  • Lightweight v-neck sweater (navy, blue, gray, black, brown) + jeans + double monk strap shoes (alternate with suede chukka boots or white minimal leather sneakers


Nice but without a jacket
  • Amazing option when going out for a nice evening or dinner but you don’t want to wear a jacket or suit.
  • Lightweight chinos + black loafers + lightweight black v-neck sweater + white button-up (lose the collared shirt for casual cool)


“You won’t even make it to dinner” outfit
  • It’s a little more bad boy cool that I personally love.
  • Black Chelsea boots + black denim + long sleeve shirt with crew neck & curved hem + suede bomber jacket


Putting the “cool in casual”
  • This one makes you look sexy & badass but doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.
  • White leather minimal sneakers  (alternate suede boots & add nylon bomber) + mid-wash jeans + long sleeve tee


The Sexiest
  • Let’s dress up that suit and look like a badass when going out to dinner or doing something a little bit special.
  • Charcoal or gray suit + black button-up shirt


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