8 Beginner Style Mistakes … You’re STILL Making!

October 29, 2021
Your personal is a journey, which you have to continue to evolve. I cringe about some of my early style videos and the style mistakes. Unfortunately, some of you are still making them. These mistakes are the most common when men get into style, and they are hard to break.

Evolve your style by breaking these habits!

  1. Overvaluing quantity over quality — it’s better to have a leaner and methodical wardrobe than a ton of clothes. You need items that fit you and that you love rather than a ton of items. Don’t over-blow your budget, however. Opt for the nicer item when you have an option of a cheap version versus a higher quality because it will last longer, look better, and fit better.
  2. Being overly obsessed with brand names — brand names don’t necessarily equate to higher quality or being better. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, but a lot of times, you’re just paying for the name.
  3. Wearing bad button-ups — these ‘bad button-ups’ situations include the visible undershirt (hide that!), muffin top (use shirttail garters), and sloppy sleeve roll (do it right!).
  4. Not spending enough time, energy, or money on casual style — make sure to opt for stylish, sexy, and super comfortable rather than big and baggy clothes that make you look dumpy. I’m obsessed with the terry joggers from Public Rec — the fit is tapered, it has lots of pockets, and they fit me! You can choose the waist size and inseam.
  5. Wearing the wrong size suit or sport coat — the sales associate recommends a size, you try it on, and you like that it’s roomy. If it’s roomy, it’s the wrong size. Make sure to size down. If it fits you properly, it should be snug!
  6. Wearing puddling pants — puddling pants are too long. The excess fabric makes you look short and dumpy. If they are too long, they can be hemmed and tailored. If you have stacking, that’s fine with slim fit jeans. But with chinos, slacks, and khakis, 90% of men are wearing big and bulky versions.
  7. Being too matchy matchy with leathers and metals — step outside of the box and don’t match (except for brown dress shoes, which should match the belt in finish, color, and textures). Ties and pockets squares should NEVER match.
  8. Wearing black shoes with navy — brown looks better! Black shoes should only be worn with a black suit, which this combo should only be worn at a wedding, funeral, or serving at a restaurant. Brown is the more stylish option with gray or navy. Don’t play it safe, and opt for the sexier option (brown).

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