7 Body Parts a Man Should NEVER Shave!

November 11, 2022
Butt hair is how I got my grooming start on YouTube nine years ago. I published a video discussing how to manage butt cheeks and crack hair. I knew I couldn’t be the only dude wondering what to do with this stuff.  I have tried many options which, some were better than others, so I thought that I’d share my experiences. Keep in mind that I had shaved every inch of my body from my neck down because of being a bodybuilder. From personal experience, certain areas should never be shaved with a razor. I am going to go over all of them today.

But first, a quick little hair removal tutorial. Shaving and removing hair in any region requires keeping the pores open and clean. Allow that hair to poke back through and not get trapped or curled to become ingrown.

Pros and cons of popular hair removal options

  • Laser. This was at the hair, which the upside is the option is more permanent. The downside is that it typically doesn’t work after one treatment, making this option expensive.
  • Waxing. This will extract the hair from the root, which is quick. The downside is that it can be painful, especially the butthole.
  • Tweezing. Plucking your hair is another option which is pinpoint precision.
  • Trimming. This is the option I use the most often. Keep in mind that not all trimmers are created equal. I’ve been using my Brio grooming tool for years, the best beard grooming tool on the planet. You can even use it in the shower.
  • Razor. This option is the most common. Razors make the skin super smooth, but hair often gets trapped underneath the skin, depending on the shaved area. Exfoliating in the shower helps to prevent hair from getting trapped underneath the skin, causing ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I recommend not using a seven-blade razor but rather something more old school, like a standard safety razor with a single blade. This one pass is not as close, but it is more comfortable. 

Seven areas I recommend NEVER shaving

  • (1) Widow’s peak or any irregularity along your hairline
  • (2) Any part of your eyebrows. Shaving causes a cross-section of the hair and makes you look like you have a 5:00 shadow between your eyebrows. Use tweezers instead. Shaving the tiny hairs above your eyebrows is not recommended because you need them for your brows not to look feminine.
  • (3) Beard and face. I use my Brio to trim my beard & sideburns, and then I pop on my Brio Zero Blade to get a close shave on my cheeks and neck.
  • Chest. I use my brio grooming tool to take the hair as low as possible. After that, I take my razor in the shower and shave my chest once a week.
  • Arms. I shave my arms because I like looking leaner and more vascular. I have never had ingrown hairs on my arms from shaving with a razor.
  • (4) Armpits. I dislike shaving my armpits with a razor because I find shaving that area uncomfortable, and I prefer to keep some hair.
  • (5) Stomach. I do not find shaving this area comfortable. I like to leave a happy trail region. I will take the hair down with a trimmer as far as I can. If I shave, I break out.
  • (6) Pubic area. I do not use a razor on top of my man bush. Penis, yes. Manbush, no. I trim the pube region because the skin is super sensitive; I’m prone to ingrown hairs because of rubbing. I trim it super short. The top of my weiner gets hair, and I shave that bad boy with a razor. I also shave my balls after I have taken the bulk of my fuzzy nuts down.
  • (7) Cheeks + crack. I have shaved my butt (cheeks and crack) and would not recommend it. It’s all about the grooming tool here. Take the hair as low as it will go but don’t shave it. I also trim my crack by pulling my cheeks alternately. But do not shave your crack because when the hair starts to grow back, it’s murder! 
  • Legs. If you have super hairy legs, think about taking some of the hair down so you look more muscular and your calves look a bit more defined. I shave my legs which is something I’ve done for years. Many athletes do it to show definition, and I find it more comfortable. You can shave your legs with a razor.

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