9 Casual Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear!

January 11, 2023
Performance shirts make men look fat, but a strategically snug Henley makes men look sexy. That being said, I’m going to review some casual shirts that make men look stylish and ones that men should never wear. Specific shirts I see out in the wild destroy a man’s ability to look stylish, smooth, and sexy. Some of them make men simply look fat.
  1. Hoodies that make men look like little boys include hoodies with patterns, graphics, writing on the sleeves, and a logo across the chest. These hoodies also include ones that are big and baggy with fabric that’s not sexy. I prefer Cuts Clothing with a clean and minimal design. The fabric is buttery soft, and the hoodies don’t have a kangaroo pouch in the front. Instead, small pockets are on the sides. The sleeves are not too big and baggy, and the hoodie is strategically snug across the chest.
  2. Shirts that are too short. If you raise your arms and you expose your abdomen, it’s too short. Many times cheap clothing and low-quality items will shrink. Make sure you wear shirts that come down to about mid-crotch and still cover your belt if you reach up.
  3. Stained or discolored armpits. White shirts are notorious for getting yellow and discolored armpits. If you wear white tee shirts often, switch to a deodorant that does not have aluminum which causes the yellowing. Also, go through your white shirts and inspect the pits once a year. If you find discoloration, toss and replenish.
  4. Too tight shirts. Button-ups are a great casual outfit; however, a problem arises if the buttons are strained. If you see pulling or tugging around the buttons, it’s too tight. Don’t look like a sausage.
  5. Performance shirts. This is the number one casual shirt that men should not wear because every single guy looks chubby in them. It’s inevitable because of how tight they are and because the fabric is shiny and reflective, showing lumps and bumps. You can also see manscape stubble through performance shirts because the hair will get hung up on the velcro-like fabric. Don’t look like a fat dad anymore. Make sure your shirt fits properly without being a sausage casing. Make sure it’s strategically snug through the chest, the arms and body are not too tight, and the bottom has a subtle slight curve. The long sleeve tees from Cuts are sick.
  6. Patterned shirts. Personally, I’m not too fond of patterns on shirts. They make you look like a little boy. The only exception is dress shirts which a nice houndstooth or subtle pinstripe is perfect. Men will get a lot more versatility out of a solid option. Remember that anything horizontal will make men look wider and shorter, and vertical stripes make men look terrible.
  7. Cut-off tank tops. These are the worst offenders, in my opinion. Cut-off tanks are even worse than wife beaters. Cut-off tanks make men look fat, expose boobie fat, and show love handles. When the sleeve is cut off, the shirt looks boxier, making the shoulders appear narrow. The only exception is wearing a wife beater as a base layer which looks fine underneath a flannel or a denim shirt. As a standalone, you look like a douche.
  8. Vibrant, bright, and poppy shirts or any super cute graphic. These shirts do not look good on dudes. Go for softer colors that are a bit more muted. Men’s complexions look incredible, light, and fresh, and they get compliments with these hues. I get more compliments wearing colors than black, white, and gray. You have to step outside the box every now and then but don’t go too bright and poppy. If you’re a bigger dude, bright colors will make you look even larger.
  9. Fuzz ball sweaters. Sweaters are incredible, and I’m a big fan of the lightweight Merino wool because it’s incredibly soft. However, they’ll get fuzzy with nasty balls when you wear them a lot. If you have fuzzy knots on your sweater, get a sweater shaver.

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