How to Have a Major Comeback and Prove Everyone WRONG!

February 7, 2024
The key to the Alpha M Comeback Plan is you have unlimited potential. What you’ve done or haven’t done or how badly you have failed doesn’t matter. But it all starts today.

Mindset & Goals | Steps One + Two

Step one is to discard your past mistakes, insecurities, and those who have told you that you’re not good enough, can’t, or shouldn’t.

The next step is to have a goal. You need to know where you’re going or where you want to get, or else you will flounder and be lost. Whatever you want, you have to set the goal. Then, it’s going to take action.

Make a Plan & Take Action | Step Three

The third step is taking action. This is my secret sauce and why I’ve been able to do what I have done with my limited skill set and knowledge. Not to mention, I had zero money. I was willing to take action without knowing the outcome. Hard work beats talent and skill every day of the week. Taking action will set you apart because most fail to launch. People are scared of failure.

Make a systematic plan with systematic actions. The first action is the hardest. Skillshare can help you. If you need help deciding what direction to take, you can discover your purpose, passion, and path. You can also take classes on how to grow a social media platform, set up a Shopify and Amazon store, and more. Receive a one-month free trial of Skillshare.

When developing your plan, take inventory of the friends surrounding you. That’s what will tell you where you’re going to end up at the end of the year or if you’re going to make a comeback or do something extraordinary. If you stay around the same people not moving in the right direction, you won’t either. I can tell you from experience. Ditch the baggage of low-budget people. Look for people who are moving in the right direction and have the right mindset.

You don’t necessarily need a mentor; work on your personal brand and network. Work on yourself to make others want to connect with you. This is part of your personal brand. Look at the pictures you’re posting on social media. Would you like to date or hire you? Look at what you’re wearing. Look at what you’re doing regarding self-destructive things. Self-destructive things will rob you of your energy and bandwidth. Create a solid mindset to be your best self to move forward.

Calculated Risks | Step Four

The next step is to take calculated risks. Nothing ever was accomplished because it was easy or guaranteed. The most incredible things accomplished are the scariest. Remember that failure is part of the equation. Take risks and pick yourself up. Remember that people are so busy worrying about themselves that they’re not thinking about you. So, the fear of failure should not hold you back from doing something because people are not judging you how you think they are. Push down fear.

No matter how much you prepare or think you know, no amount of planning or preparation will ensure that you’re successful. Take action by taking that first step to move forward. You should take one step closer to that goal or dream every day. String all these together, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve advanced. Small steps are essential because you’ll eventually get there.

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