7 Everyday Things KILLING Your Jawline

February 2, 2023
One feature that makes a man looks strong and masculine is a structured jaw, but unfortunately, some everyday things cause a man’s jaw to appear weak. I have published many videos about creating a stronger jawline and have shown exercises to develop a more defined face. What I’m going over today consists of the biggest mistakes and reasons why a man’s jaw doesn’t look as sharp as possible.

Many of these steps are simple to take. Some take a bit more time and effort. And if all else fails, more drastic measures can be taken. Amendiplasty is an option where a silicone implant is used at the tip of your jaw. Liposuction can pull fat from underneath your jaw and tighten the muscles to make your jaw look sharp. I recommend starting with steps that are easy to adjust and fix. If you’re still unhappy with your jaw and it bothers you, take further steps to fix it.

Simple reasons {and fixes} for weak jawlines 

  1. Mis-shaven beards. Define the under-jaw boundary properly. I’ve talked about this before, so I’m going to spend little time on the subject, but if you carve into the meat area, your jaw will look weaker. Check out my demonstration in this video.
  2. Having a fat face. Many men carry excessive fat in the lower portion of their jaw. If you reduce your body fat by 10 lbs, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the angularity of your face. Eat cleaner, diet, juice, do cardio, and lift weights. Also, remember that water retention can make a face look fuller. If you carry subcutaneous water in your face, it can look rounder and fatter. Eating a diet high in sodium or carbohydrates will cause water retention. Also, if your diet is crappy food, your face will look fuller. 
  3. Dehydration. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body will hold on to some. Systematically increasing your water intake to 120 oz a day will create a more defined and chiseled face. Add lemon to your water to provide a natural diuretic. Be careful not to drink out of plastics that contain BPA, which suppresses testosterone levels and raises estrogen levels.
  4. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals. EDC’s are found in plastics. It leeches into what you’re drinking and can reduce testosterone levels and increase estrogen. EDCs are also in grooming products such as shampoos, deodorants, body powders, and body washes. Use higher quality and more natural products such as Pete & Pedro’s Fresh Deodorant as well as Body & Balls Powder that don’t have parabens, sulfates, or other EDC that wreck havoc on your body. 
  5. Bad posture. If your posture is poor from looking down, your jaw will look weaker. Expose your jaw so that you don’t look like you have a double chin.
  6. Lazy and weak muscles. Mewing is lifting your tongue to the roof of your mouth instead of letting it fall down. It’s dramatic; watch my demonstration in this video. If your tongue is lazy and hanging in the bottom of your mouth, your jaw will look weaker. Consistently focus and practice pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Your jaw muscles may also eak jaw muscles. Simply chew gum daily to work the mandible muscles and strengthen your jaw.
  7. Overbite. This is when the upper teeth are projected over the top of the lower jaw, pushing the jaw back. An overbite gives the illusion of a weaker jaw. Grow a beard or facial hair as an easy way to help strengthen the lower part of your face. You could also have an orthodontic procedure, such as braces, to align your jaw. 

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