How to Get A BETTER Haircut From Your Barber {The 5P Method}!

October 3, 2022
Today I’m going out to get my haircut with Stephen at Salon Posta after a guy jacked up my haircut so bad when I was out of town. My issue got me thinking about how you can minimize potential bad haircut situations. Five steps are needed to ensure you get the best haircut possible.

Ensure you get THE BEST haircut possible!

  1. Punctual. You have to make sure you’re on time for your haircut because there’s nothing that will potentially jack up your haircut if your stylist or barber is rushing to get you done when you didn’t plan appropriately. Stylists and barbers are on tight schedules, so if you’re late, you won’t get the best haircut possible.
  2. Plan. Plan before sitting down in the chair to direct your stylist or barber to give you a better cut. The more prepared you can be when you go in to see your barber or stylist, the better job they will be able to do. Google search for a hairstyle similar to what you are looking for with your hair texture. Save it to your phone. I would have one or two options to show them.
  3. Polite. When you walk into a salon, being a gentleman starts at the door, including the receptionist or person checking you in. Everyone deserves a ‘thank you,’ including both the person who washes your hair and the person cutting it. How you request that they handle your visit is also something that needs to be polite. Don’t be rude or say something ignorant.
  4. Product. Bring the products you typically use to style your hair with you. Then, the stylist or barber can show you how to use them properly. And if you’re using new products, a learning curve may happen, which your stylist or barber can help you through. I use Pete & Pedro Sea SALT Spray + Hair Putty. When applying any hair product, ensure you get it down to the root and cover the entire hair shaft. I also love Pete & Pedro’s Texture Powder which will give you crazy volume without much product or weight in your hair. Check out this tutorial.
  5. Pay. You need to tip after your service. You need to tip not only the person who cut your hair but also the person who washed your hair. Today I’m giving Stephen an extra tip with Legend. It’s a new Pete & Pedro fragrance inspired by Tom Ford’s F*cking Fabulous. Last, when you go up to pay, make sure you book your next appointment because the worst thing you could do is wait. Schedule it every 3 weeks; that way, your hair will always look amazing!

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If you’ve never tried a Texture Powder, you NEED to do so ASAP! It’s been a secret of pro-level barbers forever and for good reason. Texture Powder provides incredible styling versatility, weightless volume and texture, and an all-day hold that can be restyled at will. The matte finish blends effortlessly, boosting your hair’s volume and texture. The medium strength hold is perfect for locking in your style, while that matte finish makes it look like you haven’t used any product. If you want to take your hair game to the next level, check out Pete & Pedro Texture Powder!

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