10 Grooming Mistakes “Good Looking” Guys NEVER Make!

May 15, 2023
One of the fantastic things about being well-groomed is it makes an average man good-looking. But also, some guys do things that detract from their ability to look super good. I will review some of the grooming mistakes that men should never make.
  1. Shaving a unibrow. When you shave, you see a fat cross-section of all the hairs, so when it starts to grow back, a 5:00 shadow appears. You don’t want that between your eyebrows. Instead, grab a pair of high-quality tweezers to rip the hair from the root.
  2. Not shaving your nuts. Every dude should shave his testicles, but the man bush is a personal preference. Trimming is mandatory, however. You have to take bulk down.
  3. Shaving your butt cheeks. Shaving causes the hair to grow back as ingrown and bumpy. Instead, use a grooming tool once a week.
  4. Handling hair loss poorly. Either own it or shave it. If you shave it, balance your face with facial hair. Never get a toupee. Don’t try to cover hair loss by combing it forward, either. If you’re not ready to lose your hair, visit Bosley for any stage of your hair loss.
  5. Jacked up jawline. Guys jack up the edging under their jaws and make themselves look fat and like they have a double chin. Check out my demonstration on how to shave this area properly.
  6. Growing big, nasty facial hair. Don’t look disheveled and homeless. Nobody will want to make out with you with hair growing over your lips.
  7. Having yellow teeth. Even if you have snaggle teeth, having a white smile instantly makes you look more attractive. Bleaching strips are affordable for whitening your teeth.
  8. Having unsightly body hair. Shave your back and shoulder hair. Chest hair is a personal preference, but if you’re super hairy, take the bulk down. Shaving leg hair is also a personal preference and the same with forearms.
  9. Having dandruff. And don’t walk around with a bunch of flakes on your shirt from your chin or hair. Use Pete & Pedro Control shampoo that has coal tar. Use it on your chin too, and then apply moisturizer after that.
  10. Neglecting your skin. Moisturizer skin every single day. Use a high-quality SPF moisturizer in the morning and then a nighttime version before bed.
  11. Having nasty nails. Nasty hands and feet are big deal breakers for most women. Make sure they’re not crusty, bitten, dark, and nasty. Don’t pick your cuticles, either. It’s not sexy.

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