7 DIRTY Habits Keeping Men WEAK

February 1, 2023
Men can read every self-help book, watch every video in the world, and do all the tips the gurus are telling them to do. But they will remain weak and unattractive until they get the things under control that I am going over today in today’s video.

Routines and practices holding men down

  1. Having poor sleep habits. It’s impossible for a man to be strong if he’s not getting enough sleep. Men typically aren’t worried about getting enough sleep but rather how to grind harder. To achieve in life, you need to feel incredible and have a strong mind and body, starting with sleep.
  2. Lacking discipline. Everything’s at our fingertips, but we get distracted by ‘fun’ instead of doing things that need to be done. Instead, be able to focus and be disciplined if you’re ever expected to be strong. This goes for your diet, fitness, career, and relationships.
  3. Not making health a priority. Your health is your number one valuable asset. It’s not money or time. Without health, nothing else matters. Too many men focus on making money, getting girls, or driving cars that they’re neglecting their bodies and health. (a) You need to get into the gym and work out. Working out not only makes your body strong, but it strengthens your mind as well. (b) You also need to make sure you’re eating high-quality foods and drinks. Do not drink crappy, sugary, nasty processed drinks; one of the biggest offenders is energy drinks packed with chemicals. Instead, opt for an energy drink like Eboost Super Fuel with naturally sourced caffeine from green coffee seeds and green tea, vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. And it’s low-calorie! Check out Eboost + use the code ALPHAM to get 30% off sitewide, or visit your local CVS nationwide to find your favorite SUPER FUEL flavors. Whether your diet, drinking, spending, or chasing, make a change to not do self-destructive things to yourself.
  4. Not working hard. Don’t be scared of hard work. Be willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.
  5. Hanging out with losers. It’s okay to outgrow people. In fact, it’s critical that you do this because you may stay stuck and stagnant if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done. You need to grow and move in the direction to achieve incredible things. Surround yourself with high-quality, high-caliber people that are moving in the same direction that you want to go.
  6. Not letting go. You need to get over the crap that happened to you when you were younger. Deal with issues so you can start living a happy and healthy life. This may mean you must have hard conversations, forgive some people, and forgive yourself.
  7. Waiting for perfect timing. The time is now to make your dreams come true. The sooner you start, act, and take action, the closer you will realize your dream and destiny. Too many men wait, thinking there’s a better time, and put it off. Don’t regret that you didn’t do it for fear of failure. Failure is an epidemic as they think they see perfection on social media and then fear failing. Don’t allow that little voice in your head to control your life. Instead, push down negative, small, and insignificant people that have told you you can’t. Don’t allow other people’s insecurities to dictate your future.

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