7 Things {Handsome} Guys NEVER Do!

October 10, 2022
Your mother wasn’t lying. You are a handsome man, but if you want to stay that way, you have to make sure that you don’t do any of the things I’m talking about in today’s video. These are the handsomeness deadly sins that directly impact your face.

Handsomeness deadly sins

  1. Dehydration. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of unhandsomeness for your skin. Not drinking enough water or too much caffeine and/or alcohol could be the cause. Your skin will become dull and ashy without proper hydration. Use Tiege Hanley to give your skin a vibrant pop and reduce dark circles.
  2. Lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep will make you look less handsome, and you won’t feel as good, either. You won’t have the motivation to exercise, and your eyes will look rough. Make sure you don’t have puffiness, bags, or crow’s feet by getting enough slumber.
  3. Screwed up facial hair. Remember these few basic things. If you have a big beard, you have to make sure it’s managed. Make sure your boundaries don’t make your chin look weak. Also, make sure your beard is not too thin. Don’t shave your sideburns; you need them to balance your face and finish your hairstyle. Crazy and long sideburns will make you look like a dirty hippie. Remember that facial hair is a man’s equivalent to women’s makeup.
  4. Neglected face. Handsome dudes all have good skin in common. So if your face has blackheads, blemishes, breakouts, and crustiness, you cannot maximize your handsomeness. Tiege Hanley is every man’s answer. Use Level 1 if you’re new to skincare. It has four core products, including a face wash to use twice a day, a scrub to exfoliate, and two moisturizers (one with SPF for the morning and one for the evening). Add eye cream to create Level 2. Add eye cream + anti-aging super serum to go with Level 3.
  5. Neglected mouth. Whiten your teeth no matter what condition they are in. Correct your teeth if needed so you can have a better smile. Make sure to take care of chapped lips with some Vaseline. Use a dab before you go to bed for flawless lips.
  6. Neglected hair. Do not hide the fact that you’re balding. You can use medication if you don’t want to lose your hair but don’t ever try to hide it with a comb-over or hairpiece. See Bosley if you wish for transplants, grafts, or just to help get your hair back. You can always opt to shave it off and grow a beard. Add a pair of badass cool sunglasses.
  7. Smoking and drinking. Smoking will automatically destroy your looks for a lot of reasons. It will wrinkle your skin and age you faster. Your teeth will yellow, and your breath will be funky. It’s not sexy! And also, your weiner will get smaller because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. Smoking weed isn’t really any better. Think munchies. Think man boobs and sloppy fat. Drinking in excess is a handsomeness deadly sin.

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