11 Harsh Truths I Wish I Accepted SOONER

August 2, 2023
So, I’m the type of guy who needs to learn things the hard way. Unfortunately, I’m not smart enough to listen or learn from other people’s mistakes or wisdom. I’m the type of guy who needs to go through it and suffer to get it through my thick and stupid head finally.

You have to pave your own road and make your own success. Decide what is right for you. Choose to make yourself a priority with happiness as a goal. Go out and grab it. So today, I thought I’d take a moment to review a few of the hard lessons that I wish I accepted sooner.

Wisdom to embrace right now!

  1. Once a cheater, always a cheater. People do not change. Although somebody may say that they’re different or that they’ll never do it again, they are fun to let mentally broken if they cheat. No amount of love, passion, or compassion. Can you give to somebody if something is wrong with them, not you. If we get cheated on, we feel we did something bad or are deficient. The sooner you accept it’s not you, the better. Dump their ass.
  2. Nobody owes you a thing. The sooner you understand that, the sooner you can take control of your life. Don’t sit around waiting for somebody to hand you something. You won’t be successful if you’re one of the small-minded people who sits around and whines while not changing anything. Decide you’re ready to take action and control your life, and that’s when your life will improve.
  3. Failure is something that will happen. It sucks but only stings for a second. Regret lasts a lifetime. The sooner you embrace this idea of failure and rejection, the better off you’ll be mentally. Go after what you want.
  4. Good people are better than pretty people. Unfortunately, in our society, we give pretty people a passe even if they’re bad people. You need to be with somebody with character, integrity, and beauty inside and out. I’m not saying you should date a wildebeest with a heart of gold. You must be attracted but also understand that just because somebody’s hot doesn’t mean they’re good or good for you.
  5. Can’t outrun your past. Everything catches up with you, and not dealing with past issues will manifest in unhealthy ways. Take control of your life and your happiness by being strong enough as a man to stand and fight. Therapy is a fantastic tool to help you look at life and the world differently and help you deal with your issues. You deserve to be happy! Get 10% off your first month of therapy with Better Help. Get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.
  6. Not everybody is going to like you. I’ve come from a long line of people-pleasers and always bent-over backward because I didn’t want to rock the boat. I wanted everybody to like me and to get along. If everybody thinks you’re awesome, there’s probably a problem.
  7. It’s okay to outgrow people. This goes for relationships, friendships, and beyond. You won’t go anywhere if you’re hanging out with losers. I’m not saying they’re not good people, but you must be strong and intelligent enough to realize it’s time to move forward. Don’t allow people to hold you down and drag you down with them. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will enable you to get further ahead.
  8. Money is not the root of happiness. Money will not make you happy if you’re not a happy person. Some think that problems will go away once you’ve reached a certain level of financial wealth- they don’t. Being able to buy stuff does not make you happy or fulfilled. Sure, money allows you to solve problems more easily, but it will never make you happy.
  9. Hard work and discipline are better than talent. Being incredibly disciplined can propel you to success. Grind, focus, and keep your head down when everybody else is out partying and doing fun stuff. Successful people sacrifice by working when others are out playing. Put off now so that you’re more successful in the future, which is delayed gratification. It’s incredibly powerful.
  10. Time is your most valuable resource. Every single one of us gets the same 24 hours daily. We also get to decide how we invest in this time. Don’t go out and do stupid things like get drunk, surf social media, etc. Instead, make your mind and body stronger.
  11. Life is short. Embrace every day. Take care of yourself by exercising and eating right. Don’t do stupid stuff like drinking excessively or doing drugs. Bad decisions you make when you’re younger catch up with you when you’re older. Focus on making yourself as healthy as possible mentally, physically, and emotionally. If so, you’ll be in a better position when you’re older. For example, don’t sacrifice momentary good looks for long-term health by using steroids. It’s not worth it. Take your ass to the gym and eat right. Don’t smoke because that will also destroy your body and health. Realize that just because somebody looks good doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

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