How to Break Your Brain of Sexual Thoughts

September 28, 2023
The term lust refers to an unbridled desire or insatiable urge for something. It can be for power, money, food, and, most commonly, for spicy action. The problem is when you lust for something, you’re weakened as a man. I’m going to help you break your brain of lust.

The inspiration for today’s video is from a friend going through a very uncomfortable and messy divorce. He could not control his urges and lustful nature. Sure, it’s normal to look and notice, but lusting is being unable to push it down and compartmentalize it. You need to be able to look away and move on, but he unfortunately did not have that ability and ended up messing around on his wife a few times. She caught him, and now he’s living in his car, about to lose his job. His kids won’t talk to him, and his life is ruined.

Steps to stop lusting!

Distinguish the difference. You need to distinguish the difference between lusting and looking. Looking is totally normal because humans are visual creatures. But if you take it to the next level and start staring, obsessing, or stalking socially, this is not normal. Avoid it altogether because you will be more drawn to it if you linger. So, 3 seconds and then move on.

Focus on her eyes. Look her in the eyes and don’t break. You can look left and right but not down. Be self-aware and know that you need to focus on the eyes, and when you break, go left or right but not down.

Start being aware. Awareness is one of the most critical aspects of breaking your brain of lust. You must identify when it’s happening and know when you feel those emotions. When it comes on, redirect and rechannel this emotion to something else. If you feel the urge of lust coming over you, acknowledge it, realize it’s happening, and break it by redirecting and refocusing that energy to something unrelated, such as a hobby, walking, singing, getting a cup of coffee, or doing push-ups.

Trigger identification. What are your triggers to lust? What are those things in your day that make you feel that way? You want not to be controlled by the urges. Break the chain by removing social media app(s) from your phone and give yourself some dopamine detox.

Sexual discipline. You need to be a man of high standards and integrity, so the goal should be about not putting yourself in a position or situation. And it’s about having accountability. You must set yourself up for success and remove stimulations to avoid triggers.

Energy investment. Invest all your energy, thoughts, and lust by focusing on the person you’re actually with. Invest more in special date nights, let them know they’re beautiful, and work on sexually pleasurable experiences for both. You’ll be amazed at how much of a better relationship you’ll have, and you can rekindle that spark and rebuild your relationship to make it stronger. You’ll feel better about yourself by not making stupid ass decisions.

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