How to Get 200% MORE {Action}

October 24, 2023
When you meet somebody new, you’re literally like bunny rabbits. You’re always ready and action-packed, going crazy. It’s because you’re so attracted, and it’s fresh and new. It’s exciting, but when sex starts to slow down, you must be careful because you don’t want it slowed to a literal stop. You can take some steps to facilitate the frequency of action, which today’s video will cover for single guys and those already in a relationship.

Even if she wants action right now and is jumping your bones, that will slow down, and you will need this information. Guys who have been in long-term relationships will want to spice it up and get more action, so this video is vital, too.

Make yourself a piece of ass. Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. Would you want to make out with yourself? If the answer is no, you need to fix it if you expect to get more action. You need to make sure that you’re sexy and desirable. You need to dress well and take care of your skin.

Make her feel like the dirtiest and naughtiest little vixen you’ve ever seen. Use your words even though, in your head, you think you’ve already told her this stuff. If you expect to get more action, you need to reinvigorate and reunite that fire and passion. You need to make her feel beautiful and sexy.

Let her know how much you crave her. Let her know that you crave her and that she does crazy things to your brain. Let her know that all you do is think about her. Her self-esteem will go through the roof, and you will turn her on. She wants to feel like she still turns you on, and when you let her know this, you will facilitate her getting excited and wanting to please you. It starts with you not being lazy.

Make time for playtime. When we get into our lives, we often fall into stale patterns and stagnant ruts where nobody’s interested in getting sexy. Set time aside to take her out on dates, play at home, and make the relationship a priority. Help out with daily chores so that it freezes up her time and makes her feel appreciated, too. Introduce new freaky sex ideas. Some women will not initially be comfortable with this but perhaps watch a movie to get her juice flowing, something like ‘Fifty Shades of Gray,’ which has given women permission to let their freak flag fly.

Stop waiting for her to take action. You need to do it, but it starts before you actually get to the bedroom. Many guys think that they’re ready for sex and that she is, too. But she’s not warmed up. She is a very exotic, amazing, mystical, magical, spicy sports car that you need to warm up. You need to build excitement, anticipation, and tension between the two of you.

Used toys and gadgets. Many couples are worried about what their partner will say or do if they’re creative in the bedroom. The truth is to bring it up. What do you have to lose? This is supposed to be fun as long as it’s not illegal. Regarding porn, what women watch is very different than what a man watches. Women watch more seductive, sensual, and slower movies than men are used to watching. So, porn may be something you guys want to incorporate in your relationship but cut it out in your solo life. You will be more motivated, passionate, and better overall with sex.

Make it a priority. If you’re serious about wanting to get more action, you need to make it a priority. You don’t want to do it in a negative way, with pressure or nagging, because that’s not sexy. It’s about suggesting and doing what you need to do to be sexy.

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