How to Get a MORE Defined Face & SHARPER Features

June 14, 2023
Certain aspects make a man’s face look a little more feminine such as overly tweezed or arched eyebrows, pouty lips, and a round, soft face. Conversely, a strong, structured jaw or a more defined face will make a man look more manly. Today I want to review a few tricks for a more masculine-looking face.

Strategies for a more masculine facial appearance

Reduce facial fat. Men frequently carry a lot of excess fat on their faces. The more fat a man has on his face, the rounder his face will be. He will look more feminine if his jaw isn’t defined and his cheeks are chubby. A reduction of 10 lbs will show in the stomach and midsection and will make an instant difference in the angularity of a man’s face.

Increase water consumption. When retaining water, retention is frequently near the eyes, cheeks, and jaw. While increasing water consumption, reduce the amount of crap carbohydrates and salts consumed. A drastic reduction of subcutaneous water retention will result.

Strong structured eyebrows. Men look more feminine when they over-arch their brows or make them super thin. Maintain the natural shape of strong eyebrows without over-tweezing, overarching, or making them too defined.

Structured youthful hairline. This hairline type frames and balances a man’s face, making him look more masculine. Many men start to recede or go bald, and their faces soften as the hairline goes back. The loss of hair also causes people to look up. To bring eyes down, grow facial hair to balance the face and add a great pair of frames. Make sure those glasses have a presence: soft and round frames make a face appear round, whereas strong & structured angles will make a face look strong and structured.

Appropriate hairstyle for face shape. A man with a round, soft face with chubby cheeks should not have a soft hairstyle with bangs or fringe that softens and rounds his face even more. Go tighter on the sides with a bit of length on the top. Also, textured hair will elevate and help elongate a round face. A strong or structured jaw can go for a softer style. If a man’s face is more diamond shaped, he can choose any hairstyle due to having built-in facial symmetry. If a man is losing his hair, he should contact Bosley if he wants to do something about it (the sooner, the better). But if hair loss is the way to go, men can shave their heads and look fantastic.

Grow the right facial hair. (a) Sideburns will help finish a hairstyle and frame your face. Trim them properly to give your jawline the visual illusion of length and strength. Check out my demonstration. (b) Facial hair is a fantastic way to add strength, structure, and manliness to a man’s face. Try to ‘let it grow 30 days’ method, where you don’t do anything other than brush it with a boar’s head bristle brush. Train the hair to grow over patchy areas. And see how it looks after 30 days. (c) If you have a thin or blonde beard, you can make it look fuller and thicker by dying it. Your beard will look twice as thick. (d) Make sure you moisturize your facial hair with an argon oil to provide extra nutrients and soften & stimulate the facial hair follicle growth. (e) Keep your boundaries trimmed; check out my demonstration to make sure you’re not carving it where your face will look weak and fat. (f) Full beards will make you look soft and will not accentuate the angularity, structure, and strength of your jaw. You’ll want to taper it down a little longer on your chin and tighter on your sides, drawing the eye down and making your face and beard look better.

Reduce breakouts and blemishes. Pimples will make you look young and not sexy. Develop a solid skincare routine that includes washing your face twice daily, using a moisturizer twice a day, and exfoliating twice a week. These simple steps will create clear and cleaner skin.

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