How to Increase Your Semen “VOLUME”!

July 14, 2021
Who has seen that pre-roll ad on the mature website with that cup filling up with Big Al sauce? If you haven’t, let me explain. An advertisement for a supplement supposedly helps increase the volume produced while simultaneously increasing the intensity. I checked out the testimonials on this product, and I don’t necessarily trust them. That being said, I want to discuss how you can increase volume and exercises to make Big Al’s explosions more intense, powerful, and enjoyable.

In terms of what makes up the volume, many people think it’s the twins doing the leg work. Truthfully, the twins are only responsible for about 5% of the volume (sperm + prostatic fluid). 50-60% of the volume is manufactured by the seminal vesicle (gland-like sacs located behind the bladder), and the bulbourethral gland also produces some fluid that acts as lubrication.

When you’re young, you’re exploding with a more considerable amount of volume. But as you age, the volume typically decreases, resulting from an increase in the size of your prostate. However, one big misconception is that the size of the discharge is equal to the number of sperm. Big shooters are not necessarily more fertile; there’s no correlation between load size and the quality of sperm.

Dudes want to produce geysers due to watching movies. But comparing yourself to what you see in the movies is not reality. In 2018, a study was done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine with 240 hetero women. The women were asked if the size of the explosion mattered in terms of sexual performance — 38% said they didn’t care, 13% said it mattered, 50% just wanted to get theirs. 100% said they weren’t cool if the man couldn’t perform at all.

Increase quality + quantity

  • Your testosterone — it’s responsible for sperm production and sex drive, which volume can go down subsequently.
  • Interest in sex and arousal level — these play a significant role in the massiveness of your load, sperm count, and sperm mobility.
  • Hydration levels — research has shown that you’re not going to produce as much volume if you’re dehydrated.
  • Regular exercise — exercise impacts and increases the amount and the quantity that you’re producing. Being overweight or obese will shrink your wiener, and the volume you’re creating will decrease. A correlation exists between testosterone and obesity.
  • Getting solid sleep — it’s been shown to affect the volume. Eight hours of solid slumber makes you good to go.
  • Healthy diet — eating healthfully has been shown to increase the volume. Vitamin D and C are essential — a deficiency in Vitamin D will decrease testosterone production and volume. Alcohol has been shown to reduce the amount that comes out because it lowers testosterone.
  • The less you touch it, the more it’s going to come out when you do — it builds up over time. However, if you’re not doing it enough, the prostate is negatively affected. Regular use is encouraged, but if you’re somebody that focuses solely on large quantities, you want to cut back. For each day you abstain, semen volume increases by 12 per day for the 1st four days. Intensity will also be increased.

How to increase the intensity

Practicing kegel exercises will help to increase intensity. It’s all about tensing the muscles to strengthen the area so that when it’s time, an explosion will result. It’s all about contraction, as the stronger the muscles are, the harder the force. Practice kegeling regularly: 3 sets of 10 reps. If you want to take it to the next level, do it multiple times a day. The more you tone the bone, the stronger and more forceful the explosion.

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