How to Make ANY Girl Fall In Love with You! (Featuring My Wife)

January 25, 2023
I got an email the other day from one of our friends who said that I teach how to look good and attract women, but he wanted to know the secret to falling in love. Along with this email, I thought having my wife come in and talk a bit about love would be a great idea. This summer, we will be together for 20 years. So today, it’s all about my spicy señorita and me giving you tips and tricks to make that special somebody fall in love with you. We will also discuss how to stay in love.

How to fall in love — and stay in love

  • Before I was doing YouTube, I wasn’t actually killing it financially. Still, my wife found me attractive because I was kind and a good person. She also says I was a short stud. We dated 3 years before getting engaged; however, I wanted to get engaged earlier, but I couldn’t afford it. When I purchased her engagement ring, I had to go into a store and get one. It turned into a fiasco, having to try to return it, and so forth. Now I know better. Now there’s She thinks her James Allen tennis bracelet is phenomenal. I also got her some diamond stud earrings that are classic and timeless. Both pieces have lab-created diamonds, chemically identical to earth-created diamonds, but you get 30% more diamond bang for your buck.
  • Now confidence is tremendous for women and men. The man wants a woman who’s confident just as much as a woman wants a confident man. Nobody wants to be with someone insecure.
  • Make sure you look good. Take care of yourself and have pride in your appearance. That is one thing that my wife liked about me. I was always dressed well, and I took care of my body. I’ve always been super fit. You must continue taking care of your body and yourself throughout your relationship. Don’t get comfortable. Take care of yourself for yourself and for your significant other.
  • To have a relationship thrive, you must understand each other’s love language. You have to understand what the other person needs and doesn’t need. My wife and my love languages are totally different.
  • The lack of financial stability can affect your confidence. My wife felt comfortable with her finances early in our relationship, but I didn’t have money. I was always literally hustling to try to make ends meet. I never let her see it because I felt she wouldn’t be attracted to me if she saw it. Remember that you don’t have to be crazy rich or wealthy, however.
  • You need to keep motivated and working. There’s nothing less attractive than a person who is unmotivated and lazy. Also, remember that perfect timing doesn’t exist. Don’t think that you have to accomplish this and that before you get into a relationship. You need to juggle, and you need to jump.
  • Some people struggle with feelings of insecurity and jealousy. I’m not jealous at all, which is amazingly wonderful. Keep in mind that if she doesn’t want to be with you, she wouldn’t want to be with you. No amount of love or care will make somebody stay with you. A good point is that my wife wasn’t in my life because she needed me. She could function and survive without me. Healthy relationships are people who come together not because they ‘need’ to but because they ‘want’ to be together.
  • My wife and I have our own lives. You should have your own friends and do what you like to do to some degree. You do need to consider the other person, but you two can have different goals.
  • My wife’s #1 tip for making a relationship work is to be kind. It’s so huge to be a good person. I think that the #1 tip is to learn to communicate. You have to be able to argue, make up, and talk to the person to understand them. Try to understand how they communicate. I’m a talker, and my wife needs her space, so we allow each other to communicate as we need to. It comes down to understanding and supporting each other.

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