How to Make a Woman OBEY You (10 Powerful Mind Games)

February 3, 2023
Buckle up, gentleman, because this video will get a bit interesting. First, I want to read an email I got the other day that says, “Alpha, what’s going on? My name is Mike. I love your content. You helped me get a spicy senorita, and she’s super sassy. But I have a problem. She won’t obey me. Any tips or tricks to make my girlfriend obey me? Thanks, Mike. ” Well, there’s a lot to unpack with this email.

I want to address not only Mike but also you guys and help give you tips on how to make a woman obey you. Obey is defined as complying with the command, direction, or request of a person or law; submit to the authority of.” This is where the problem with this idiot email lies. Mike feels that he has authority over the person he is with. If you think somebody needs to obey you, you’re an absolute asshole. You do want to be respected, absolutely. But you need to be a man that is worthy and deserving of respect. It’s not automatic. You have to do specific things to be respected. If not, you’ll get walked all over or even get cheated on.

The whole concept of somebody needing to obey you is sh!t. She’s not a dog or servant. She is a woman and your partner, so you must uplift and respect her. You need to be a man deserving of respect, so you must do all the things you need to make her want to please you and be with you. Be the man she wants to be with and who she wants to listen to. She doesn’t want to be with a little boy or somebody who’s toxic or oppressive. She doesn’t want to be with somebody who feels she needs to ‘obey.’ She’s your spicy señorita who deserves a man of integrity and character. Be somebody deserving of respect.

So, instead of teaching how to make somebody ‘obey’ you, I want to teach how to make somebody ‘respect’ you. Here’s why you’re not respected.

  • You’re weak. You are weak physically, mentally, and emotionally. A woman doesn’t want to be with a weak man and won’t respect a man who isn’t strong. She wants to be with somebody who is a rock, not somebody who falls apart at every issue. She doesn’t want somebody who gives in to their impulses, and she wants somebody with whom she feels safe. So if you’re a weak puss, she will not respect you.
  • You’re not there when she needs you. I’m not talking financially. I am talking about when she needs somebody to talk to or help with something. You won’t be respected if you’d rather be hanging with the boys or playing video games, smoking pot and drinking instead of being there to support and help her through situations.
  • You’re lazy. Nobody respects a lazy man, no matter how handsome he is, how rich he is, or if he’s lazy. There’s zero chance she’ll respect him.
  • You’re not driven. You’re not motivated, and you’re always on your ass playing video games or procrastinating. You need dreams or goals to be respected. You need to be chasing and hustling.
  • You’re a mess. You’re a slob regarding your car, house, grooming, and style. You’re not respectable or presentable. Take pride in your appearance and in your environment.
  • You’re a stoner or a drunk. People who smoke weed all the time are not respectable. Don’t abuse alcohol, either. Belligerent and sloppy drunks don’t earn respect. Nobody wants to be around a bad drunk because they’re a liability.
  • You’re not self-reliant. You rely heavily on other people, whether or not it’s financially or emotionally. She will notice if you need to improve with providing for yourself or handling your own issues. It’s critical to be self-sufficient if you want to earn respect.
  • You still need to become a man. You haven’t grown up and found yourself. You are still, in her eyes, a little boy that requires her help or other people’s help.
  • You don’t respect her. You treat her poorly by talking down to her, treating her like she’s dumb, and not uplifting or encouraging her. If you want somebody to respect you, they have to feel like you appreciate them. So don’t talk down to her.
  • You’re always looking around. Don’t cheat, and don’t look at women online all the time. Don’t be a scumbag. If you’re constantly looking to slide into somebody’s DMs or obsessed with women (butts, boobs, porn), this will not facilitate a feeling of respect. Constantly looking around will make her feel bad about herself and insecure. She wants to feel the way she deserves, which is like a queen. I’m not saying to kiss her ass but treat her like a princess. Respect her as a human being.

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