How to NEVER Get Rejected… Even if She’s {Out of Your League}

December 19, 2023
I am reviewing some tips and tricks that will make rejection bulletproof. But first, we need to accept that there are certain things that we cannot overcome. For instance, if the woman you’re eyeing has a boyfriend or a significant other, that’s not your girl. She may only date certain types of dudes or guys over 6 ft tall. Specific physical characteristics cannot be overcome, and it’s not your fault. It’s just something to accept.

Being rejected sucks, and it’s scary. But what do you have to lose? Seriously, if you get rejected, what happens? It will sting for a bit, but you’ll survive. The more you try, approach, and engage, the more chances you’ll have to get a yes. The more you practice, the better off you’ll be and the more comfortable you’ll become.

Here’s a trick I want you to try — the three-second rule. If you see somebody you want to talk to, give yourself 3 seconds and then act. Whether or not this is approaching & introducing yourself, saying hello, or giving a compliment, don’t allow yourself the time to get nervous and weird.

The good news is that most women out in the wild are just looking for a fantastic guy with the features we will discuss. And if you do, the fear of rejection should be zero because her chance of rejecting you is zero.

Get a YES 100% of the time!

Dress well. Most guys dress like crap, so dressing will give you a competitive advantage over them. Dressing well allows a woman who sees you in the first 3 seconds of the meeting to form a favorable opinion of you. Dressing well is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do that will change others’ perceptions of you.

Don’t look desperate. If you look like you’re hungry, thirsty, or dying for a spicy senorita, this makes you look incredibly rejectable. Demystify women and take away that magical power so that you make yourself on an even playing field.

Be successful. This does not equate to having millions of dollars. But you need to have means and resources along with stability. They need to feel like you can care for them and that you are stable. If you’re successful, this automatically moves you ten steps above another dude who’s just good-looking. Good looks may fade unless you’re using Tiege Hanley.

Have a white smile. Ensure your grill is white with bleaching strips that are easy to clean. You could take it to the next level by getting bleaching trays or seeing the dentist for teeth whitening. If you’re really worried about your teeth, you can have orthodontic procedures such as braces or veneers.

Have a good physique. You don’t want to have a doughy and soft body with sloppy man boobs. And you need to fix your love handles. Go to the gym and work on having a muscular and toned body. Women are more likely to want to do naughty and nasty things if you have a nice body.

Don’t put on an act. Putting on an act turns off many women because they can tell you’re trying to impress them.

Look fun. Make sure that you look fun on your social media platforms and profiles. It’s like an advertisement for yourself. Post things that make you look interesting, engaging, and inviting to convey that you’re somebody people want to be with and are adventurous. You can post going out to restaurants, doing cool things, and looking like the life of the party.

Have a sense of humor. This is a game-changer. But you don’t want to go overboard. Guys often make mistakes and go overboard, trying to be funny. But having a sense of humor is a game changer by being low-key humorous, poking funny yourself, and never making fun of other people. However, you don’t want to make fun of yourself too much because you don’t want to look like you have low self-esteem. You could also send memes you think are funny that she’ll dig. She will associate humor with you even though you may not be that funny.

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