How to Properly Dress with the ‘New Money’ Aesthetic

August 16, 2023
Recently, I’ve seen many more videos and content revolving around ‘old money’ style and aesthetics. What ‘old money’ boils down to is classic, timeless menswear. Think Ralph Lauren and the Hamptons. Think Ivy League and preppy Princeton. You can’t go wrong with what works, but the truth is it doesn’t work for most young people because they want to be more edgy and fashion-forward.

Old money is prim and proper. It’s pretentious, a bit dated, and a bit boring. The clothing doesn’t fit that well, and the fabrics are often heavier. The cool thing about the ‘new money’ aesthetic is that it’s been surging.

But what does ‘new money’ mean?’ With the internet and entrepreneurship, more money is flowing to younger people. ‘New money’ means you can look and dress casually, but it doesn’t mean you must dress like a bum or a little kid. It’s about elevating the aesthetic with specific clothing items that fit well. It’s about accessorizing with statement pieces, including a great watch, amazing shoes, and nice outerwear.

I started to think about a formula with style rules about how to dress ‘new money.’ I want to address the four key areas of accessories, footwear, casual style, and dressy style. Before we start, if you dig any of the clothing I am including, they all come from Cuts. Remember that the ‘new money’ aesthetic understands elegance and fit. The dress is minimal, without patterns and logos. The fit and functionality are not crazy or flamboyant.

New money aesthetic

Accessories. A nice watch is a luxury item ‘new money’ may invest in instead of dripping in a bunch of ice. They’re not wearing a ton of gold or chains or blinged-out watches. They also may have a cuff or gold or silver bracelet like Cartier.

Footwear. The shoes will be slightly more elevated whether or not a cool pair of kicks like Jordans, Air Force Ones, or some limited edition footwear. They’re investing more money into footwear, synonymous with the ‘new money’ style. Opt for high quality, but the rest of the outfit will be more subdued.

Casual style. The whole idea of the ‘new money’ aesthetic is minimal design. The style is subtle, the colors are more subdued, and the fit is amazing. The ‘new money’ aesthetic is set apart from ‘old money’ through this fit. ‘Old money’ is a bit boxier; ‘new money’ wants to show off their hard work at the gym, so clothing will gravitate toward fits that accentuate positive attributes. The ‘new money’ aesthetic isn’t your daddy’s hoodie or little boy look. It’s slim fit and not baggy, with no logos or a kangaroo pouch. The style is about understated elegance and sophistication of looking casual but cool, refined, and put together. It’s about wearing higher-quality items that fit you amazingly. Outerwear will also set the ‘new money’ aesthetic apart from everybody else. Again, it’s about simple, clean designs. All pieces are easily combined to coordinate because they don’t have a lot of flash and patterns. It’s simple, clean, classic, and casual perfection.

Dressing up. New money understands the importance of tailoring, fabric, and looking amazing. It has an elevated aesthetic and elegance. It’s all about the suit construction, ensuring that the clothing fits, and that the dress shirts, shoes, and pants fit you flawlessly. ‘New money’ is not rocking a bunch of sh!t like bling, lapel flowers, pins, tie clips, tie bars, and pocket squares. It’s all about the clean, minimal aesthetic. The fit is flawless, the construction is elevated, and the fabric is amazing.

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