How to Walk Like an {ALPHA}!

April 5, 2023
In the first 3 seconds of meeting, someone has just formed an opinion about you solely based on the nonverbal communication that you’re presenting. Unfortunately, 95% of dudes I see walking around are doing one critically important thing wrong. They are not walking with confidence and the air of an alpha.

One of the big mistakes that many guys make with walking confidently is that they end up overcompensating and looking arrogant or cocky. If I walked like Conor McGregor, I would look cocky, but it works for him (but not for you or me). Check out my demonstration of the difference between a confident air of alpha versus looking cocky and arrogant.

You have to get into the practice of walking confidently even if, on the inside, you’re not feeling that way. It’s all about perception. Start making a point to walk more confidently, and you’ll be amazed at what happens. Other people will perceive you as more confident and looking fantastic.

Lay the groundwork first

  • You have to look confident with your style. Put on a nice suit or outfit, and you’re killing it. You’ll feel great about yourself all day because you will feel more confident. If you’re dressing like crap for a slob with wrinkled and ratty or baggy clothes, there’s zero chance that you’ll walk like an alpha because even if you mimic the steps in your body language, people won’t respect your whack style.
  • You should smell amazing as well. Spray on a fragrance that you love, and it instantly boosts confidence. Walking past people, you will automatically be viewed as more attractive by smelling fantastic.
  • Your hair also gives you confidence. If you don’t love your hair or you’re insecure about losing hair, see Bosley. Grab the free Bosley info kit + $250 gift card. Hair loss is a confidence killer, but it’s treatable and preventable.
  • Ensure your phone is in your pocket because alphas don’t walk with their heads down looking at it.
  • Don’t keep your hands in your pockets, either. You will look weak and a bit like a little boy

Putting it all together

Next, check out my steps for walking like an alpha: chest up, chin elevated proudly, shoulders back, and using a confident & even stride. Regarding your stride, ensure you’re not walking too fast or shuffling. Also, don’t take too big of a stride. Add a bit of smirk and some sparkle in your eyes, and be engaged. Look at people and make them feel welcome. Check out my demonstration of putting it all together.

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