8 Ways to IMPRESS a Woman Without Saying a Word!

January 31, 2024
If you implement the steps I will share with you today, you will literally impress the pants off those spicy senoritas without speaking a word. Dudes think they must be super smooth and come up with some crazy, sexy pick-up lines. Some guys think they must be amazingly interesting when the truth is small and subtle things will impress her.

Remember that you need to have your own life — make sure you have your own friends and hobbies, and don’t always be sitting by the phone waiting for her. Have your life together because she doesn’t want to be with a boy — she wants to be with a man.

Small and subtle attributes that will make a powerful impression

  1. Cook for her. If you can cook a meal, it’s game over. Guys who can cook are on the next level. Don’t Uber. If you truly want to impress her, cook a meal.
  2. Plan something special. Do something for her without her asking. It’s all about surprise and delight. If you plan a date, trip, or something special, even if it’s a walk in the park, you’ll automatically impress her.
  3. Look good aesthetically. Ensure you’re well groomed, as most men are sloppy. Dress well, which also puts you above the rest. And if you have the next physique, you’re next level. Pride in appearance impresses women, and she will be yours forever. If you’re going to pop the question, make sure you use jamesallen.com. This resource is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, any holiday, anniversaries, and popping the question. They have signature and timeless pieces that every woman wants in her collection at the best prices.
  4. Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead. Men have just gotten a little lax and slack. Open doors and stand up when she’s leaving a restaurant table. Take your jacket off and give it to her when she’s cold. Say please and thank you, and treat everybody with courtesy and respect. These gestures automatically set you apart from lazy and un-mannered dudes.
  5. Have a nice smile. Make sure your mouth is not all janky and funky. Make sure your gums are not nasty. Also, do not have horrible halitosis. Get your teeth fixed if you need to. Above all, have a white smile, as bleaching strips are affordable and can be found at nearly every drugstore or grocery store. Use for approximately 20 minutes for noticeably whiter teeth. Smiling will instantly bond and connect you with other people.
  6. Have a purpose and goals. Being a motivated go-getter with hopes and dreams is very attractive. If you have a passion and a direction, you are the man she will want to be and stay with.
  7. Take your time and slow down in bed. Start with foreplay before you ever get to the bedroom. One of the problems with watching the movies is that they paint an unrealistic expectation for dudes about what satisfies the spicy senorita. Take it slow and be provocative. Be more engaged and willing to satisfy her.
  8. Possess knowledge. You’re attractive if you’re intelligent and intellectual and can problem-solve. Women will be impressed if you’re emotionally stable and can pull it out when needed. Also, she will be impressed if you can talk about your feelings and be in touch with who you are and what’s going on inside. A stoic man who never talks about emotions and puts up walls will not form a bond to have a healthy relationship. Be vulnerable, but not to the point of being a puss, as it’s unattractive to cling and beg.

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