25 Items Grown Men Should NEVER Wear

September 1, 2023
Certain items are in no way, shape, or form acceptable for a grown man to wear. As you mature, your style must as well.
  1. Biker jacket. Many people say that leather jackets are unacceptable if you’re over a certain age. This is so stupid, and it drives me crazy. A leather jacket can be clean, basic, and perfect for any aged dude. If you’re older, the motorcycle-inspired jacket doesn’t necessarily look as good because it’s edgy and stylized. But if you ride bikes, then it’s definitely super cool. The racer jacket, trucker jacket, and bomber are perfect regardless of your age. Make sure your outfit is consistent with the rest of your style.
  2. Apple watch. They are not mature or stylish. They’re cool if you’re a little dude.
  3. Velcro wallet, packed wallet, or fake leather wallet. These are not grown-up, and you want to ensure your pockets aren’t loaded. Don’t jam-pack a bunch of crap in your pockets that will distort and throw off your sexy vibe.
  4. Extreme denim. Whether it’s super tight, super loose, super baggy, super distressed, super torn, or super ripped, if your jeans are extreme, you should never wear them as an adult.
  5. Shorts past the knee. You want to expose two inches above the knee minimum as an adult. This includes swim shorts.
  6. Fake designer goods. Whether or not it’s a phony belt, t-shirt, shoes, watches, or more, there is zero reason to buy something counterfeit. If you can’t afford it, save up for it or buy something else. Don’t worry about brand names and logos. There are a lot of incredibly high-quality items that are low-cost.
  7. Crocs and Dad sandals. A nice clean flip-flop like a Rainbow or a Birkenstock is acceptable, but make sure your feet aren’t funky.
  8. Funky body spray. This is a deal breaker for adult dudes.
  9. Worn-out belts. Belts with holes can get scored and sloppy. Anson stays sexy with micro-adjustments, in which straps and buckles are interchangeable.
  10. Mismatched belt + shoe leathers. Ensure your leather belt matches your shoes. Opt for a clean and simple belt that coordinates with your option outfit. Also, I love canvas straps from Anson. You can add color and pizzazz to your outfits. And a biggie here — No self-respecting dude wears a white belt with white shoes. Choose something like a camo or another badass color.
  11. Air Force Ones. If you’re an adult dude, do not wear them!
  12. Tons of accessories. When you’re younger, you can get away with puka shell necklaces and bunches of bracelets. But not as an adult. Don’t wear toe rings, get your belly button pierced, or have facial piercings because you’ll appear to be low-class and low-budget.
  13. Face and neck tattoos. You shouldn’t have tattoos on your hands, either. You could risk not being hired.
  14. Untailored suit. As an adult man, you need to spend a little cash on having a tailored suit. You need your suit to fit you.
  15. Super thin ties. Don’t do it! It looks super dorky.
  16. Pocket square + tie combo. Don’t ever wear this.
  17. Gear on your suit. Wearing a bunch of gear, such as flowers, lapel pins, and pocket squares, with your suit is not sexy.
  18. Funny socks, ties, and underwear. These aren’t funny.
  19. Tighty whities. If you’re an adult man, get rid of your tighty whities. Also, boxers are stupid.
  20. Fedora hats. Some hats are okay, but fedora hats aren’t anymore.
  21. Backward baseball hats. These make you look like a punk. When you mature, your cap should rotate around to the front.
  22. Lame sunglasses. Young dudes can get away with wearing fun sunglasses, but as you mature, you must wear a cleaner, classier, and classic pair of sunglasses or risk looking stupid.
  23. Offensive tees and tanks. This includes offensive graphic tees and horrible tank tops. Do not wear homemade tank tops either because they make you look stupid and like a guido. Don’t wear wife beaters either.
  24. Too loud, bright, or vibrant shirts. These will reduce your sexiness. Little boy striped polos should be avoided.
  25. Too big or baggy shirt. This is not a good look. But don’t have it too tight either. Skip super deep v-necks, too.

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