TOP 10 Items to GLOW UP Your Wardrobe {INSTANTLY}

January 28, 2024
A wardrobe is not bought. It is built. You don’t go out to a store and buy an entire wardrobe. That’s absurd. You should systematically elevate the quality of the items over time by sticking to timeless styles. You will have a much easier time building a capsule wardrobe and something that will turn into position as you transition as a man. I will review a few items to help your wardrobe glow up instantly.
  1. Brown leather loafers. A nice pair of leather loafers work incredibly well with jeans, slacks, suits, and shorts. Brown is better than black because it’s richer and adds interest, depth, and dimension to your wardrobe. Most guys stick to black, but brown is a better option.
  2. Proper watch. Young dudes are wearing technologically advanced watches like Apple. They’re functional, but wear a proper watch if you want to look better. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something you wind, or it has a band you love. When you look down at your wrist, you will automatically feel incredible. It’s also a conversation piece.
  3. Proper jacket. Whether or not it’s a pea coat or some type of driving jacket, a proper jacket will upgrade your wardrobe. Younger dudes are wearing more casual puffer jackets. The jacket I’m talking about can be dressed down or up and looks terrific with jeans, boots, slacks, or chinos.
  4. Perfect pair of denim. Upgrade your denim because if you’re wearing a pair that’s too baggy, tight, slim, distressed, or otherwise, you’re not looking as good as possible. Upgrade your denim to a straight or slim fit that’s a solid wash and not overly distressed. You will look fantastic, and they will pair perfectly with pretty much everything. A dark wash pair of denim that fits flawlessly is one of the most perfect pants you can own.
  5. Slim wallet. Your proportions will be jacked up if you’re rocking a big monster wallet. Your pants will not look as good, and it’s unhealthy for your hips because you’re sitting on that bad boy. Look for something slim, like a cardholder or a front-pocket wallet. Just carry a few cards; you don’t need all the membership cards and receipts.
  6. Anson Belt. Your belt game is probably whacked out if you’re not rocking an Anson Belt. The standard belt has holes, cracks, and scars and can look worn out quickly. Instead, an Anson belt has micro-adjustments that keep your belt looking clean. The belts are interchangeable with different buckles.
  7. Tailored clothes. (a) A white dress shirt. You won’t wear it all the time, but when you do, you look like a sex machine. The internet has changed the game for having tailored clothing. You can get custom-tailored shirts on the internet for 40 bucks. There’s nothing like slipping on a tailored shirt that makes you feel amazing and look incredible. (b) A tailored suit will automatically make you feel fabulous. Most men wear baggy and boxy suits- they’re just too big, making them look like a little boy. Spend time and money to have a suit properly tailored, which will make the difference between you looking fabulous and not.
  8. Upgraded sunglasses. Sunglasses are a fantastic accessory but can look cheap, funny, or youthful. Invest in classic styles like Wayfair, aviator, and Clubmaster; you will automatically feel sexier and more mysterious.
  9. Upgraded sneakers. You will not look as elevated if you wear something super casual or trendy — you will look more youthful and immature. Wear a minimal leather sneaker to elevate your wardrobe. When you throw on a pair of these, you look more mature and sexy.
  10. Proper polo shirt. Polos are one of those shirts where you can look like a little boy or a dork if you wear them wrong. You can go from dork to sexy by making sure not to wear patterns and stripes. Also, do not have a floppy, whacked-out collar. Standard polos also shrink. So instead, invest in a higher quality polo. The perfect color is black or navy. But anything with patterns, graphics, or logos will make you look youthful. Besides, solids are more versatile and will last longer.

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