Living your BEST LIFE or is that just a myth?

February 25, 2023

The main driving force behind these weekly newsletters is to help you become the best person, the best man, the best representation of you as possible. As I have said a million times, it’s all about confidence, and if I can help you feel more confident in any aspect or area of your life, then I feel that I’ve done my job. So, this is the reason why I send out these newsletters (and post my videos too, for that matter).

A pretty common email that I get is from men who WANT to change things about themselves, and they don’t know where to start.  Sure, everyone WANTS things. So if you have the voice in your head that says, “I WANT xyz,” the mental statement is closed. You have completed the goal of “want”.

Change the voice to say, “I WILL xyz,” so that when you end up that situation, you will have a mental push to achieve (instead of saying, “I WISH I could xyz” or “I WANT to say xyz.”  Perhaps you may fail, but you will learn from that failure, and next time, “I WILL do better.”

That being said, here’s the best of the best of that advice, including this fact: I can be better. I’m still a work in progress, as none of us will ever truly be ‘finished’ during our lifetime. You need to learn to accept yourself first, then the motivation for positive change will come much easier. Pushing yourself to improve and excel is very real. Chasing perfection with the expectation that you can achieve it is absolutely a myth. Keep striving to be a better man every single day by taking these simple and basic steps.

THE FIRST THREE STEPS to being a better man are NEVER finished. You always have to take care of yourself spiritually, you always have to take care of others, and you always have to keep your inner joy & strength.

Take care of your spirit — All real self-improvement starts with a better attitude. It’s all about your mindset and perspective. If you feel like you’re not good enough or your self-esteem has hit the skids, focus on all the amazing positive attributes that you possess. Change your mindset because you could have all the money in the world, but if you have a crappy attitude, none of it matters. Your attitude about yourself is a tough thing to change, but everything else will fall into place once you get it changed.

Take care of the people around you — The next step to becoming a better man is being better socially. Now, I am not talking about joining a bowling league or playing cricket. I am talking about having a more profound and more authentic relationships with the people in your social circle. I’m not referring strictly to your close friends & family but the people you come into contact daily – those with whom you don’t even know their name.

Engage them with a ‘hello,’ make eye contact, smile at them, and become genuinely interested. Smiling is so simple, and many of us don’t even utilize that tool – you never know when your smile or your simple ‘hello’ will make someone’s day. Let’s take it a step further: do something nice and kind for somebody every day and not because of the acknowledgment. Do it because it feels great!

Take care of where you live — Being a better man should also involve your living space. No matter how fancy or humble, where you live, and/or how you take care of what you own speaks volumes about your character. Being a better man in your living space means cleaning up after yourself, making your bed, doing the dishes, and living in an organized home. Keep your ride clean and sparkling too! If you live in chaos and clutter, keeping the rest of your life orderly and operating effectively & efficiently is very challenging.

THE NEXT THREE STEPS are less important on the ‘universal scale’, but each will make you feel better about yourself which will help evolve you into a better man.

Take care of yourself physically — The first of these three steps is FITNESS. Get yourself in shape. If you’ve been putting off taking care of yourself physically, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to start. Remember, your body is your temple. Just think of how long you’ve been contemplating getting into shape, eating healthier, quitting smoking, taking care of your body, or more. Think about if you started back then where you would be right now! Gentlemen, there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start.

Up your grooming game — Start a solid grooming regimen to be a better man. This regimen should include a solid skincare routine that includes washing your face 2xs a day, moisturizing day and night, and exfoliating 2xs a week. If you start now, it will pay dividends in the future. Also, include shaving, tweezing, and trimming steps, which weekly suggestions include:

  •     Shaving your legs, arms, chest, and testicles in the shower
  •     Using your grooming tool without attachment for your armpits, crotch, and butt cheeks
  •     Tweezing your eyebrows
  •     Removing your nose hairs with a trimmer
  •     Trimming and filing your toenails and fingernails
  •     Shaving to outline your beard
  •     Twice a week, using your grooming tool with attachment set on 2mm if you have designer stubble


Upgrade your style – Embracing your personal style is another step to being a better man. Start with what you wear most often—upgrade your shoes, for example, but don’t buy a pair of shoes that will sit in your closet collecting dust. Maybe upgrade your jeans to a pair that fits you better. It’s a simple place to start. So once you buy an essential item, then you can expand to purchasing items beyond the essentials. Here is a list of wardrobe basics:

Being a better man encompasses accomplishing these six simple steps, but it all starts with the first step – feeling good about yourself. I can’t make you feel good about yourself – that’s your job. The responsibility is yours. You need to realize that you are valuable and worth it.

You need to take care of yourself, treat others with dignity and respect, and live in a clutter-free environment so you can have the freedom to move forward in every aspect and area of your life. Then it’s about taking care of your body physically, upping your grooming game, starting with skincare, and then upgrading your style. It’s pretty simple. It’s pretty basic. And you will be amazed at how confident you will feel evolving yourself into a better man — and how you’re able to live your best life!

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