10 MASCULINE Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Use!

January 2, 2023
Nonverbal communication (70 to 90% of all communication) is much more important than what comes from your mouth. If you master nonverbal communication, you’ll have an easier time making friends, getting spicy senoritas, and getting people to like & trust you. I will focus on body language today, a considerable component of the nonverbal communication equation. 

Style is also part of the equation you have complete control over. If you pay attention to your style and dress with intention, you’ll have more people like you. People are attracted to attractive people in terms of their style. Grooming is another part of the equation which includes your hair, skin, eyebrows, nails, and more. How you smell is also essential regarding grooming. If you smell terrific, people will be drawn to you. Grab Pete & Pedro’s FREE FRAGRANCE deal!

The following advanced body language tips (which you can practice) will help you to look confident and masculine always. Mastering these is like a superpower, and it’s never been a more critical time to learn these because of how competitive the world is these days.

Advanced body language tips

  1. Walking. How you walk and carry yourself indicates how you feel about yourself. Make sure your chest is up, and your shoulders are back. Take confident and even strides. Look proud (like you just accomplished something) and not arrogant. Make sure your head is up, and look people in the eye.
  2. Entering a room. You must be confident no matter what room you enter (professional, restaurant, party, etc.). Project confidence by smiling, having great posture, and making eye contact. Engage with people, too (say hello, shake hands).
  3. Posture. Head and chest are up, and your shoulders are back. Stand strong and tall without your hands in your pockets. 
  4. Hand placement. Hold your hands to your sides or in front of you. You could also hold your hands behind your back or one hand in your pocket. Being able to see your hands lets people know that they can trust you.
  5. Hand gesturing. You can use your hands to express yourself and be more charismatic. Having your hands open demonstrates open body language (willing to communicate, engaging, and inviting). Having your hands down illustrates that you’re scolding someone. Your hand movements should match your speech’s tempo, tone, and cadence. Ensure your hands don’t invade somebody else’s space; keep them in your zone. 
  6. Sitting. Having your feet together, being hunched over and small, or crossing your legs (feminine) looks submissive. A masculine man takes up space. It’s about open body language and posture. There’s a biological reason for manspreading (men don’t want to heat up their testicles and damage their sperm).
  7. Eye contact. It’s essential to make and maintain eye contact. Avoiding eye contact makes you look shifty, submissive, and scared. Look at their eyebrows if eye contact is problematic for you.
  8. Contact cadence. Maintain eye contact, but don’t look like a creepy stalker by not breaking eye contact. The rhythm is one-two-three, break the gaze, and then return to eye contact. 
  9. Handshake. Cold, wet, dead fish handshakes and too firm and aggressive handshakes are inappropriate. It’s about proper pressure and perfect timing. You’ll have to anticipate the timing, then quickly grab and apply pressure. Touching the top of their hand takes it next level. It’s both powerful and engaging.
  10. Touching. Lightly touching somebody when you’re talking is crazy next-level powerful. It lets them know that you’re comfortable with yourself and with them. It also indicates that you like them. Subconsciously, they don’t know why but they will like you more. Practice first with somebody that you’re comfortable and familiar with.

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