If You’re a Man and Own THIS … THROW IT OUT!

December 22, 2021
If you are a man, we’re getting down to business today. Go grab a trash bag! I am going to help you maintain your manly street cred by shedding a few minor items from your wardrobe. They may be ‘minor items’ but I highly recommend excommunicating from your wardrobe (or your testicles) asap, because if you are rocking them, you’re definitely not stylish. If you still own these things in 2022, you may be male but you’re not a man.

Excommunicate these from your wardrobe NOW

  • These shoes — Tom’s, chunky square toed shoes, and mandels. Also, boat shoes need to go.
  • This denim — over distressed, mom & dad jeans, white jeans, super tight jeans (including super skinny), sagging jeans.
  • Fake leather –anything fake leather including shoes, jackets, and belts.
  • These fragrances — Axe (it stinks!) and fragrances that smell like what a little boy or old man would wear.
  • That powder — any talc based powders.
  • Those shirts — patterned polos, homemade tank tops, super tight athletic shirts, and shirts with silly graphics (like kittens).
  • This underwear — any pair that is not sexy (aka skid marks, discolored, stretched-out).
  • These socks — funny socks are not funny; they have to go.
  • That suit — any suit that is big, baggy, and boxy. Also, ditch the black suits (they look like waiters, chauffeurs, funeral directors).

Pete & Pedro Fragrances & Body Powders

No one knows more about ball powder than me. I loaded up Pete & Pedro Powder with the purest, most natural starches like cornstarch and arrowroot to safely and effectively absorb and eliminate moisture. No talc here!

Pete & Pedro fragrances are all under $50, available individually, in collections, or in deluxe samples & sets:

  • REBEL — #1 seller that was inspired by Creed Aventus and is a compliment killer!
  • Villain — Pete & Pedro’s newest edition, inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. It’s warm and sexy; read the reviews!
  • HERO — fresh and light, inspired by Acqua di Gio (HERO smells better and lasts longer!)
  • KING — earthy and mossy, inspired by Creed Green Irish Tweed.


Featured video

I have always been into hair and hair products, which is why I was so excited to start Pete & Pedro. When I was a younger guy, I didn’t realize the importance of using a pre-styler to take your hair to the next level. I thought, “Hey, I have a great product, and I’m good.” Well, often I was disappointed with how my hair looked and how the product performed. After years of research and testing, I have realized that pre-stylers are game-changing hair products.  Four of my favorite hair pre-styling products are Sea SALT Spray for volume & texture, Thick texturing cream for thickness & texture, Treat argan oil for shine & strength, and Protect heat protection to lock in moisture.  To take your hair-game to the next level, start experimenting with Pete & Pedro’s super sexy pre-stylers.

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