How to BOOST Your {Performance} 30 Day Plan

October 19, 2023
Recently, one weekend, I was out with my wife and a few of her girlfriends, and they were discussing relations. Some of these girls are single, and some have been in long-term relationships. But they weren’t satisfied. I listened to the conversation and wondered if they had talked to their significant other. Each one of them said no, so I asked why they hadn’t brought it up. They mostly responded that they didn’t want to hurt their feelings, and I thought this was absolutely insane.

So, in an attempt to help your spicy senorita be more satisfied when it counts, I will go over a few ways for you to boost your prowess as a man. I’m also going to go over a few exercises that have been scientifically proven to enhance the experience and duration of action. Keep in mind that sex is something to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many people in today’s social media world have made sex seem like no big deal. It’s a very, very big deal with consequences that you could face due to having it. Make sure you protect yourself, and don’t be stupid.

How to make sure she’s satisfied

Throw it out! Throw out everything you have learned or think you know from the movies. I don’t want to get into the pros and cons of watching stuff online, but porn is not the baseline to expect to satisfy a partner. Those movies are built for dudes who are very visual. Women take more nuance and emotional connection, not to mention time, to get them there. Besides, not watching them will make you hungrier and want to go after it more. Not watching will also make it better and more exciting, wanting to do more to satisfy her.

If you want to satisfy her, go downtown. Also, if you want to satisfy her, hammering away will not get it done. You need to stimulate her downtown. Don’t rush into it, and take your time. Realize that men don’t need a buildup like women do. Men are ready to roll, but women need to start the process a lot sooner than when you’re ready to get naked. Send a little dirty text, grab a little kiss, and nibble on the ear. Build excitement.

Something might be happening if you’re having trouble getting Big Al to do what it needs to or be rock solid. That’s your body’s check engine light. You could take supplements such as L-arginine, a vasodilator, or L-citrine, which allows more blood flow. Containing these supplements and more, Joy Mode is a natural sexual performance booster. Take it 45 minutes before, then it will reach maximum potency and last 5 hours. It’s an amazing product and game-changer if you experience ED or just want Big Al bigger, better, and harder. When I first tried it, I was so impressed. The micronutrients are designed to support testosterone, and you’ll feel amazing. Try Joymode now and receive 20% off your order with code ALPHAM20

If you want to be better, clean up your diet. A diet that is high in saturated crap and nonsense, along with a lot of carbohydrates, will cause you to be sluggish and not feel as good. The better and cleaner you eat, the more you exercise and work out, and the more you take care of your body, the more your body will be ready for physical action.

Also, increase the amount of water you’re consuming because if you’re properly hydrated, you’ll have more blood volume, which equates to a rock-solid Big Al.

Caffeine is also good for circulation, but smoking is bad. If you want the best you can possibly be, stop smoking because you don’t want to stink, you don’t want vasoconstriction, and you don’t want an itty bitty Weiner.

Use or lose it because research has shown that you must work out Big Al routinely. You need to fill it with blood and get it big, swollen, and strong. Repeatedly done, it will get a pump that is bigger and stronger.

Exercises that enhance the experience

  • Planks
  • Heavy squats
  • Kegling
  • Crunches

Endurance tips

  • Think about grandma naked
  • Think about dead puppies
  • Try edging with yourself or your partner
  • Do it, regroup, go again
  • Condoms

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