10 Beard Growing and Grooming DEADLY SINS

January 2, 2024
If you want to increase your attraction level, grow a beard. It’s simple because a beard automatically makes a man look more attractive. It’s the male equivalent of women’s makeup. But grow it correctly because, unfortunately, many men have a whacked-out beard. That said, I would like to review some mistakes men make with grooming and growing a beard.

Pro tips to make your beard the best it possibly can be.

  1. Don’t compare your beard to others. No beard was created equal. Everybody has different hair follicle formations and densities. Many men think that their beards should look like other guys and will get discouraged if they don’t.
  2. Don’t shave for 30 days. Let your hair grow uninterrupted for about 30 days. Sure, you should trim high up on your cheeks and under your neck, but let your beard have a chance to grow and fill in. After that, you’ll notice thinner areas, which you can camouflage patchy areas.
  3. Keep it natural. Trim your beard properly because the more natural you can leave your beard regarding growth pattern, the better. Two exceptions include high up on the cheek and underneath the neck. Many men make mistakes, so please watch this video on properly trimming and shaving these areas. You don’t want to look like you have a double chin.
  4. Trim and edge precisely. But don’t go too thin, because that looks stupid. This includes your mustache. Ensure you trim your mustache because no one wants to make out with a guy with hair all in his mouth. It’s not sexy. You can use your Brio and edge it up to keep your lips exposed.
  5. Don’t use cheap products. Invest in a Brio Beardscape, which I’ve talked about a lot because it’s the best tool on the market.
  6. Don’t just trim one length. You need to utilize your facial hair by creating angles with micro-adjustments. Your hair should be longer on your chin and gradually fade to your temples.
  7. Don’t screw up your sideburns. If you’re bald or have a skin fade, do not cut your beard square at the top of your ear. You must blend and fade, which you can do with your Brio.
  8. Long beards need attention, too. Make sure to trim your long beard. Even if you want a longer beard, you must ensure it’s trimmed and looks good. You need to condition and moisturize it.
  9. Moisturize your beard and underneath. You need to moisturize both the hair and the skin underneath, which is critical to look soft and sexy. Stubble can be very abrasive, so moisturize or use beard oil. Get down to the skin with it to prevent chin flakes, too.
  10. Have a thicker beard. (a) Dye your beard to make it look fuller. Don’t go too dark because it looks unnatural. Your beard typically has a lot of different hair colors. When you dye it, the hair will be the same color, making it look twice as thick. (b) Microneedle to make your facial hair grow faster. Using the roller with tiny needles punctures your skin, bringing more nutrient blood to the surface to promote growth. (c) Use minoxidil on your face. This topical solution helps to treat thinning and baldness, which can also used for a thin or patchy beard. (d) Transplants for your beard. You can have a procedure to fill in patchy areas by harvesting hair from underneath your neck and then implanting it into the patchy areas to create a thicker and sexier beard. (e) Lift heavy weights. A direct correlation exists between lifting heavy weights and having a thick beard because when you lift, testosterone is released. A beard thickens as you get older for the same reason.

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