Top 5 Body Type Style Mistakes MOST Men Make!

May 3, 2019
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One size doesn’t fit all because we don’t’ have cookie cutter bodies. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie says you need to identify your body type and dress in a manner to show off your positive attributes and minimize your perceived negatives.

Body Types Don’ts and Dos!

  1. Snoop Dog (tall and skinny) — don’t wear oversized or super skin tight clothes. Don’t wear vertical stripes or dark colors either. Go with slim fit pants and brighter colors.
  2. Big Poppa (a little husky) —  don’t wear big, bold bright colors or big patterns. Also don’t wear oversized clothing like big baggy shirts. Go with dark colors and minimal patterns. Wear slim fit shirts (aka tapered).
  3. The Alpha (short dudes) — don’t wear off the rack because the clothing is not proportionate.
  4. Quadzilla (small on top, larger below) — understand color by dressing bright up top and dark on bottom. On top, horizontal stripes and v-necks are also advisable.
  5. Greek Gods (tall and muscular) — you have no excuse for looking sloppy and unstylish. Accentuate your body.

If You’re a Shortie Like Alpha …

Ash & Erie is why Alpha looks so damn proportionate (and sexy) in this video. He is 5 foot 6, and he’s never found off the rack clothing that looks this stylish and fits this incredible. The cat shirt (he loves it as he’s a cat guy!) is not past his crotch, and the pants are a length 28. They built their clothes around the fit & proportion, from ground up. They don’t just take regular sizes and shorten sleeves. No, these are built for short guys. The founders are short dudes and have cut, designed, and tested the clothing to ensure they nailed the fit for 100s of dudes.  They offer so many incredibly cool patterns and fabric– and they also have badass solids. The denim is what has Alpha so freaking excited because the length is perfect. He feels ‘normal’ because it’s usually so difficult to buy great fitting denim. Ash & Erie’s denim is incredibly comfortable — they’ve killed it. Hit the link and use Alpha’s 20% discount code (limited time / limited supply). Support some fellow shorties! Ash & Erie

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