6 Mistakes Making Your Cheeks CHUBBY & Your Jaw WEAK!

December 1, 2021
No spicy senorita ever said that she wants a guy with really chubby cheeks so she can pinch them — or that she loves a weak jaw. But if you have a chubby face or a weak jaw, you don’t need to. I am going over some things causing your face to look fat and  your chin to appear weak.

Improve these to make your face appear more defined

  1. Water retention – how you retain water is exacerbated by sh!tty foods. One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce chubby cheeks and to have a stronger jaw is to retain less water. Eat better by cutting down the amount of crap you’re consuming. Also, consume at least a gallon of water a day. I add lemon juice, which acts as a natural diuretic and helps water to flush through your system. Caffeine is another natural diuretic.
  2. Wrong hairstyle — if you have a round face and your hairstyle is round/soft, your face will look rounder. You need a hairstyle that’s more structured and angular. Check out my examples.
  3. Wrong facial hair — facial hair can strengthen your jaw and make your face appear more angular if you’re doing it right. When you grow a beard, keep it shorter on the sides and let it grow a bit longer on your chin to lengthen your face. Also, don’t let your facial hair grow too high on your cheeks. Define your boundaries to lengthen, thus strengthen, your face and jaw. Check out my demonstration, in which I use my Brio (the best grooming tool on the planet, period).
  4. Poor posture — poor posture makes everything round. See what happens when I am down vs upright. Mewing (elevating and lifting your tongue to the roof of your mouth) trains you not to have a lazy tongue posture as well.
  5. What you’re wearing — don’t wear hoodies because the excess fabric near your face will make you look chunkier and fuller. Instead, wear a v-neck as opposed to a crew neck to draw the eye down, visually making your face more angular; same concept with Henleys and polos. With suit jackets, go with a peak lapel. Also, opt for a lightweight v-neck sweater to give the visual illusion of length and strength.
  6. High body fat — a reduction of body fat will almost instantaneously make you notice a difference.  Workout with weights, clean up your diet, and engage in cardio for 30-minutes a day. Just move, get active, and break a sweat. You’ll notice a dramatic impact on your body fat comes off and how your cheeks get less chubby.

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