May 19, 2023
The inspiration for today’s video was an outfit I wore when I took my wife out last weekend. I got so many compliments from men and women at the party for wearing a simple pair of black loafers, tailored black dress pants, and a black polo from Collars & Co. I heard about the company from Shark Tank, where Mark Ruben invested a million dollars. Collars & Co. solved the problem of floppy polo collars with different options ranging from standard to button-down to dress-shirt. Other features are buttery soft-and-smooth fabric and sleeves that don’t have that annoying band around them.

As you know, not all polo shirts are created equal. Some are stylish and sexy, whereas others make you look like a little boy or a boring and basic dad. You can elevate the aesthetic if you rock a polo properly. I will review some of the most significant polo-wearing mistakes most men make.

What makes men look terrible wearing polos

  1. Disheveled and sloppy collars. Most polos have wacky and crazy collars that don’t look crisp and clean. They make men look like little boys rather than polished men. Elevate your polo style with a not-too-big or floppy collar. You can either iron it or upgrade the quality of your polo.
  2. Clashing aesthetic. The look is mismatched if you wear a casual polo under a suit, especially if your collar is bad and basic. Make sure the polo underneath matches aesthetically.
  3. Striped and bright fabric. No man looks good in a striped polo shirt. I’m not saying all patterns are bad, as a smaller tight pattern is incredible. But stripes make men appear shorter, wider, and like little boys. Also, bright colors are not sexy. They are loud and make men look like they’re wearing circus tents. Go with more subdued and muted colors. 
  4. Visible undershirt. Being able to see an undershirt makes men look sloppy. With the placket open, the polo can make men’s faces look chiseled and refined without the undershirt. If you’re going to wear an undershirt, make sure it’s a deep v.
  5. Skin tight. Cotton polos that have been thrown in the dryer shrink. You can see dudes rocking cropped polos all the time. Make sure your polo is not cropped or too tight. Look for it to hit the mid-crotch area. If you lift your arms up and your happy trail is visible, it’s too short. Also, ensure it’s not covering your crotch, or your body proportions will appear messed up and sloppy.

Polo pop quiz 

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade your polo! Check out Collars & Co + use code ALPHAM for a special limited-time discount on your order.

  1. Do you button your polo all the way?
  2. Is your polo collar wacky and bacony?
  3. Are your polo sleeves short? 
  4. Can you see your mid-drift if you raise your arms while wearing a polo?
  5. Is your polo striped? 


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